Island of Vis

Being the island furthest away from the coast, coupled with military-imposed isolation during World War II, when the island was used as a military base, Vis is largely undiscovered and the most traditional island. It has recently started to emerge as one of the more popular destinations due to its unspoiled nature and the ‘old Mediterranean’ charm. With its beautiful beaches and coves, charming fishing town of Komiža and the neighbouring island of Biševo being home to the Blue Cave, a stunning natural phenomenon, it’s a perfect place for nature and peace lovers.

Vis town coastal

Visit traditional Old Town of Vis

Vis old town is a merger of two settlements: 19th-century Luka (meaning ‘port’), where the ferry docks, and medieval Kut, on the opposite curve of the horseshoe. Enjoy a stroll down the cobbled streets and enjoy stunning views of the  traditional stone houses. Alternatively, dive into the rich history of this small town with the remains of a Greek cemetery, Roman baths and an English fortress.

Komiza on Vis island aerial view

Town of Komiza

Below a 600 meter mountain Hum lies the beautiful town of Komiza. Explore the beautiful 17th and 18th century stone streets and houses and visit the breath taking and picturesque pebble or sand beaches. Alternatively you can take a boat trip around this beautiful area and visit the unique Blue Cave, near the island Bisevo.

Restaurant Pojoda iv Vis Croatia

Restaurant Pojoda

A seafood restaurant with picturesque outdoor tables that serves impressive whole, grilled fish. Ideal for sharing in larger parties with a selection of their tasty sides.