Solta Island

The Island of Šolta is situated near Split and with good connection has become practically a suburb of Split. Take a ferry ride and arrive at your destination with clear sea, numerous peaceful pebble beaches with great prices at local restaurants and cafes. If beaches aren’t for you, don’t worry, the island of Solta has many land curiosities to explore.

Solta At A Glance

How to get there: Fly to Split, take the ferry or catamaran to Solta Island

Population of Solta: 1,500

What to See  and Do in Solta: Honey tasting, Olive Oil Tour, Marchi Castle, The beaches

Towns or islands to visit near Solta: Split, Brac

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Things to do in Solta

  • Solta Island

    Visit Šolta’s Oldest Village

    The beautiful wooded island of Šolta boasts charming and picturesque towns, gorgeous beaches, and scenic countryside. Its oldest, and largest, village –Grohote – is the place to visit if you want to enjoy a taste of authentic island life. The quaint traditional village boasts a farmers market, a selection of shops, a post office and a fire station, and little houses. Take a leisurely stroll around the historic village settlement, and mingle with the friendly locals.

  • Solta Island, Croatia

    Discover The Beautiful Blue Lagoon

    Šolta Island is surrounded by sparkling waters that are pristine, and offers access to the stunning Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is rich in fish and other sea creatures that you can clearly view, when you gaze at the bottom of the shallow waters. Swim, snorkel and dive, or just kickback and relax as you soak up the sunshine and the tranquil ambience. Look out for the spiky sea urchins that indicate there is no pollution.