Solta Island

The Island of Šolta is situated near Split and with good connection has become practically a suburb of Split. Take a ferry ride and arrive at your destination with clear sea, numerous peaceful pebble beaches with great prices at local restaurants and cafes. If beaches aren’t for you, don’t worry, the island of Solta has many land curiosities to explore.

Old Town of Solta Croatia

Experience the Old Town of Solta

Grohote is the oldest and largest village of the island. It is the economic center and the seat of the administration and location of the school. There is a farmers market, small shops, a post office and even a permanently staffed fire station. The locals built their homes mostly by using stone and the skills of stone processing. Islanders have built stone walls around fields, vineyards, roads and olive fields, as well as field shelters, storage huts and farm sheds. All of the buildings were adapted to the needs of everyday life, agriculture in particular.

Blue Lagoon Beach Croatia

Visit the beautiful and picturesque Blue Lagoon

Since the Adriatic sea is always crystal clear the shallow water inside the lagoon is immaculately clear so you can easily see all the way to the bottom of the sea. You can admire all kinds of fish and other sea animals from the lagoon bottom. Because the sea inside the lagoons is “clean enough to drink” you will sometimes find different kinds of sea urchins – a natural sign that the sea of the lagoon is not polluted.