This world-famous seaside town that enjoys a backdrop of the Učka Mountains mountain range in north-west Croatia along the Istrian peninsula, offers timeless elegance as a former 19th-century wellness resort. A crown jewel in a nation filled with coastal gems, it’s said to be the very place where tourism began along the Croatian coast, yet it still offers many treasures for visitors today. Enjoy the majestic mansions, monuments, picturesque parks and alluring beaches, dining on mouthwatering Istrian cuisine in between.

Opatija At A Glance

Population of Opatija: 11,659

What to See in Opatija: Stroll the Lungomare seaside promenade; flora and sea views in St. James Park next to the Church of St. James and former monastery; the Museum of Croatian Tourism in the historic Villa Angiolina

Towns or islands to visit near Opatija: Day trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia, Rovinj and Pula; Rab, Cres, Losinj and Krk Islands

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Things to do in Opatija

  • Lungomare Promenade Opatija

    Stroll the Seaside Lungomare Promenade

    If you have time, it’s worth walking the entire 7.4-mile stretch of the Lungomare Promenade, which follows the coast offering views of the sea, the shoreline and beautiful historic villas, some of which have been converted into luxurious hotels. Watch the windsurfers in the Bay of Preluk and stop at Angiolina Park to enjoy the more than 150 species of plants from across the globe, including bougainvillea, black bamboo, Japanese bananas, lemon trees and sequoias. Take a selfie in front of The Girl with the Seagull statue, an iconic landmark.

  • Villa Angiolina Opatija

    Marvel at Villa Angiolina and Tour the Museum Inside

    Villa Angiolina is worth visiting for both the building and the museum inside. It was constructed in 1844, serving as the focus for high society gatherings, that included many VIPs like Emperor Franz Jozef. It now hosts the Museum of Croatian Tourism, which still holds impressive features like beautiful frescos, geometric floor mosaics and gilded mirrors. Exhibits include pieces that trace tourism history like old photographs, posters, postcards and brochures.

  • Opatija Walk of Fame

    See Croatia’s Finest Contributors on the Walk of Fame

    While you probably know many names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Opatija’s offers the chance to learn about Croatian legends, a symbolic tribute to people whose scientific, artistic, sporting or cultural works have made a major contribution to promoting Croatia worldwide. There are 32 stars dedicated to famous scientists like Nikola Tesla, writers like Ivan Gundulić, figures from sport including Olympic gold medallist skier Janica Kostelic and actors Rade Šerbedžija and Fabijan Šovagović.

Tours in Opatija

Restaurants in Opatija

  • Restaurant Molo

    Restaurant Molo

    Restaurant Molo is situated on Opatija’s pier, offering the perfect setting for guests to enjoy a delicious meal as they overlook the sea. Molo serves traditional seafood, meat and fresh pasta dishes.

  • Restaurant Ruzmarin

    Restaurant Ružmarin

    Ružmarin restaurant first opened thirty years ago as a small family restaurant and remains as one of the best restaurants in Opatija. Ružmarin has an extensive menu, offering a range of pizza, pasta, and fresh fish and meat dishes.

Hotels in Opatija