Should I Choose A Lower Deck Cabin?


We are often asked by clients about the comparison between a Lower Deck and Upper Deck cabin on our deluxe small ships. While many might assume that an Upper Deck, with a balcony, is the preferred option…there’s actually more to it than you might think!

Please read our guide below to the benefits of choosing a Lower Deck Cabin on our deluxe small ship cruises in Croatia.

Bellissima Lower Deck Cabin
Cruise ship in Croatia


In our opinion the biggest benefit of Lower Deck Cabins is that they are larger in size. That space that would be used by a balcony? It’s absorbed into the footprint of your room, giving you more space to move around, lounge, and store luggage. 



Instead of a balcony, the cabins typically have two porthole windows. During the day the porthole covers can be opened to let in natural night, and then closed during the evening making the room nice and dark for sleeping. Sitting lower down in the ship, you’ll also find that Lower Deck cabins are typically cooler too. 


Bar area, Black Swan cruise ship
Cruise ship off Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Noise Levels

Lower Deck cabins are – as the name suggests – below deck, away from the busier communal areas of the ship. This means they’re quieter, and therefore better for sleeping, with a whole extra floor separating you and the restaurant, bar, and top deck above. 


Do you really need a balcony?

Speaking of communal areas…with our Deluxe boats boasting a lounge, bar, restaurant, and sundeck there’s plenty of open space to go around. With or without a balcony you’ll never be short on places to lounge, read, sunbathe, or chat with other guests. Add in your daily excursions, swim stops, and meals, and you might find that a balcony may have gone largely unused anyway.

Sun deck, Infinity
Infinity Cruise ship leaving Dubrovnik


If you’re concerned about seasickness, then being closer to the water line is always going to be better. Sailing conditions throughout the summer are generally fine, and as detailed above you may find that you don’t spend too much time in the cabin anyway, plus you’ll never be sailing during the evenings, but nonetheless this is still a benefit worth considering. 



And finally, the most important point…Lower Deck cabins are always priced cheaper than those in the Decks above. Given all the benefits outlined above, you might find that booking a Lower Deck cabin turns out to be a real bargain!


If you’ve any further questions about cabin choice on any of our Croatia cruises, be sure to ask your consultant who’ll be very happy to assist.

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