8 Secluded Beaches in Croatia to Explore on a Small Ship Cruise

The stunning country of Croatia is renowned for its glittering shoreline. Picture an oasis of unspoilt coastline lined with fine, white pebbles and glorious azure waters. Of course, you could head to those world-renowned best beaches in Croatia and be guaranteed utter perfection. 

However, for those of you wishing to catch the country’s coastline at its quietest, you may wish to veer off the beaten track to some of its secret bays. Small ship cruises offer the perfect means of getting to under-the-radar spots that others cannot reach or have not yet heard of. 

Hit the seas on a personalized itinerary that takes you to untouched pieces of coastline with little-to-no other visitors. We have shared some of the most beautiful and secluded Croatia beaches to provide inspiration for your seaside getaway and to give you an idea of what lies in waiting on a small ship cruise.

1. Nugal Beach, Makarska

Nugal Beach
Nugal Beach

Nugal lies sandwiched between the Croatian towns of Makarska and Tučepi. An unspoilt paradise, it is no wonder why many regard this gorgeous shoreline as one of the best secluded beaches in Croatia. The bay lies hidden away, isolated from most other attractions in the area.

This leaves the coastline extremely quiet and peaceful. Nugal is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. A dramatic cliffscape and pine forest forms the backdrop of the bay and creates the most enchanting setting.

Soft white sand and small pebbles line the shores while transparent blue waters lap back and forth. It is worth bearing in mind that half of the beach is nudist. So, be sure to keep on the appropriate side for your outing, whichever that might be!

Lying off the beaten track, do not expect to see any amenities on Nugal Beach. Instead, you should come prepared with provisions such as water and snacks. You may also wish to pop into the small town of Makarska during your visit for a bite to eat or a refreshment in one of its bars.

2. Stiniva, Vis Island

Stiniva Beach
Stiniva Beach

When it comes to the best secluded beach in Croatia, many would put forward Stiniva. This spectacular shoreline is simply breathtaking, with electric-blue waters, tiny white pebbles lining its shores and stone cliffs dominating the space around it. 

The beach’s unspoilt and untamed surroundings leave it rather difficult to reach and in turn, incredibly peaceful and quiet. Go on a small ship cruise to Stiniva to escape to a serene seafront haven for the day. 

While the cove offers a gorgeous setting no matter the time of day, you may wish to time your visit to coincide with sunset. Watching the cascades of orange, yellow and red taking over the sky above the perfect waters is a truly magnificent sight to behold. 

Stiniva is located on Vis Island,  one of the most romantic destinations in Croatia. So, be sure to get out and explore the rest of what the gorgeous landmass has to offer during your trip to the beach. It served as a military base for many years, which protected it from the development that was going on elsewhere in the country. As a result, Vis remains largely untouched and is bursting with natural beauty. The island is one of Croatia’s most beautiful hidden gems and a wonderful destination to explore.

3. Pasjaca Beach, South Croatia


Pasjača is a marvelous option for those looking for a beach in Croatia that is secluded. The stunning shoreline is located in Konvale, close to the village of Popovic just 30 killometers above Dubrovnik. Quiet and peaceful, Pasjača makes the perfect ocean-front sanctuary to visit on a small ship cruise.

The creation of the bay can be traced back to 1955 when a tunnel was made from upstream fields. Excess rocks were left by the shore and were gradually broken down into pebbles and sand by the waves.

Over time, the shoreline developed into the dazzling bay that we see it as today, with golden shores and glistening turquoise waters. Pasjača is a wonderful spot for those dreaming of a secluded beach with cliffs in Croatia as 250-meter-high rocks form the backdrop of the coastline.

This beach is one of the country’s best-kept secrets, as it remains a tranquil oasis largely untouched by the visitors found in other areas. Pasjača offers the perfect peaceful spot to escape to during your vacation.

4. Saharun Beach, Dugi Otok Island


Saharun, also known as Sakarun, offers another example of Croatian beaches at their finest. The sprawling coastline extends 800 meters long and sees very few visitors, due to the lack of hotels in the surrounding area. 

This means you can enjoy the stunning shoreline in complete peace and serenity. Picture dark-green pinewoods, pristine white pebbles and shimmering blue waters for you to enjoy undisturbed to your heart’s content.

Despite offering such tranquility, you won’t be left in the lurch at Saharun Beach as there are food stalls and intimate bars to be found at each end of the bay. Grab an ice-cool drink and a tasty snack before retreating to the gorgeous shores.

Dugi Otok itself is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatia as it lies quiet and untouched and boasts truly breathtaking natural scenery. Located near Zadar, the island is nicknamed the long island as it stretches 45 km. 

Visit this wonderful landmass on a Signature Northern Croatia Cruise during which you can discover it in all of its glory, ticking off its spectacular coastline and majestic landscape of its national park, Telascica.

5. Sveti Jakov, Dubrovnik

Sveti Jakov
Sveti Jakov

Sveti Jakov is certainly one of the best Dubrovnik beaches. The unspoilt haven lies about 1.8 km away from the city’s Old Town, one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. Yet, this bay is a world away from the area’s hustle and bustle. 

While all of the beaches in Dubrovnik are truly stunning, Sveti Jakov lies just that little bit off-the-beaten-track which leaves it significantly quieter than other areas of the city’s coastline. If you’re arriving by land, you will need to go down quite a few steps before reaching the shores. 

Take a break during the journey to snap a picture of the coastline below as the views are nothing short of breathtaking. Once at the bottom, you will find fine, pebbled shorelines and crystal-clear waters. The peaceful bay is absolutely gorgeous. 

Spend the day exploring its turquoise waters and catching a tan on a sunbed. Keep refreshed during your visit with a freshly-prepared cocktail from the on-site bar, where you will find an extensive list of alcoholic and virgin cocktails. 

The Old Town is often considered the best place to stay in Dubrovnik. So, whether you’re planning on basing yourself in this sought-after destination or simply visiting the area on a small ship cruise, Sveti Jakov is certainly one of the quietest and most peaceful beaches to check out during your trip.

6. Veli Žal Beach, Dugi Otok

Ocean Water
Sunset over sea

Often hailed as the Croatian Maldives, Veli Žal is another spectacular shoreline to visit for those looking to go to one of the best beaches in Croatia that is known for having a peaceful atmosphere. The stunning bay is absolutely gorgeous, with smooth pebbles and glittering-blue waters.

However, the beauty of Veli Žal has managed to remain slightly under the radar, leaving it with very few crowds and a tranquil ambience. Despite this, there are lots of aqua sports that you can get involved in during your time at the bay. 

Why not go snorkeling and explore all of the unique creatures and marine life that lie within its sparkling waters? Spend the day basking in the glorious Mediterranean sun and swimming in the pristine waters. You may wish to stay until the evening to catch one of the beach’s famous sunsets. 

There are few more enchanting experiences to be had than witnessing the beautiful blend of colors taking over the sky by the peaceful, turquoise waters. Serving up a tranquil atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings, Veli Zal is certainly one of the best secluded beaches in Croatia.

7. Cape Kamenjak, Pula

Cape Kamenjak
Cape Kamenjak

Cape Kamenjak lies at the bottom of the Istrian coast, 15 km south of Pula on the Premantura Peninsula and is another of the country’s most beautiful beaches. The magnificent shoreline is a wonderful sight to see. 

Kamenjak is a nature park renowned for its dazzling beauty, especially its coastline which extends 30 kilometers long and is brimming with unspoilt beaches and rocky swimming spots. During your visit, you will see a dramatic scene of undulating hills and flourishing native shrubbery in the background of the shoreline.

You will also be able to spot fruit and nut trees thriving in the area. The combination of untamed vegetation and wild coastline creates the most incredible setting to escape to for a day at the beach. Pay a visit to the bar at the southern end of the peninsula for a delicious refreshment during your visit. 

Then, go to see the best view on the island by heading to the viewing spot where you can see the outline of the Velebit mountain in the distance. Completely unspoilt, Cape Kamenjak is certainly one of the most beautiful secret beaches in the country. 

In fact, if you’re looking for a secluded bay to visit on a luxury Croatia honeymoon, this is a wonderful option as you will be treated to complete privacy and seclusion.

8. Krivica Veli Lošinj, Lošinj

Pine Tree by the Sea
Sea Water

Krivica Veli Lošinj is a gorgeous secluded beach in Croatia. The bay boasts calm turquoise waters while the shores flourish with dense forests of centuries-old pine trees which offer natural shade and protection. 

Along with sheltering us from the sun, the trees protect the waters from harsh currents, leaving them peaceful and mellow: perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You will not find any amenities at Krivica Beach so be sure to come prepared with anything you might want during the day such as bites to eat and bottles of water. 

You may also wish to pack water shoes as the rocks along the shore can sometimes be a little sharp. The stunning beach is situated on Losinj island, one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. The beautiful landmass is renowned for its gorgeous green hills and dazzling coastline. 

So, you may wish to spend some time exploring the rest of the landmass during your visit. In fact, if you’re wondering where to stay in Croatia as a couple, Losinj is perfect. The wonderful islet is renowned for its wonderful climate, enchanting atmosphere and pristine waters. 

It has even gained a reputation for being one of the most romantic destinations in Croatia


Croatia is blessed with a magnificent coastline of twinkling-blue waters and pristine shores. Naturally, these beautiful bays and coves have generated many admirers over the years. A small ship cruise gives you the freedom to head to Croatia’s secluded beaches. 

Many of these cannot be reached by large boats or without the help of local experts. So, the best way to visit these quiet patches of paradise is on a small-ship cruise. 

Dreaming of visiting Croatia beaches but wanting to beat the crowds? Let a regional expert guide you to all of the most secluded bays and coves in the country on a small ship cruise. Unforgettable Croatia has a spectacular range of itineraries on offer that will take you to all of the most sensational hidden gems. Contact us to start planning your dream vacation in Croatia.

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