Is Croatia Safe to Visit for Tourists?

Croatia is a blissfully beautiful country in southern Europe, known for its magnificent Adriatic coast, fantastic food and wine, and welcoming locals. 

Travel to Croatia is remarkably safe. The country has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, and with tourism being such a key part of the Croatian economy you’ll find yourselves given a warm welcome everywhere you travel. 

Should you have any concerns at all about booking a luxury tour or small ship cruise, we’ve put together a guide to safety and safe travel in Croatia.

Travel Insurance

Retired couple travelling
Mother and child in Dubrovnik

For all our trips we strongly recommend securing travel insurance from the moment you book your trip This ensures that you have full coverage as soon as you have paid your deposit as well as for the duration of your trip. Those who chose to travel without adequate travel insurance will be fully liable for any costs incurred by changes, cancellations, or unexpected events. 

We always recommend taking out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover cancellations and interruptions, full medical expense, loss of baggage or personal items, and – in the most extreme circumstances – evacuation. With Croatia being a very safe and stable country it is extremely unlikely that your policy will be tested, but it is important to be covered nonetheless.

Tips for staying safe

Skyline of Zagreb
Tourists overlooking Trogir

Croatia is one of Europe’s safest countries. As with anywhere around the world, there are instances of petty theft in Croatia’s larger towns and cities, but it is very rare. Violent crime is rarer still. 

We recommend that you exercise common sense: avoid being overly flashy with money or jewelry, and stick to built-up and busy areas public spaces when exploring at night. Using simple caution that you would in any other part of the world ensures virtually all trips run hassle-free. 

Should you be considering traveling on your own, solo travelers typically find travel in Croatia a breeze. With low crime, great tourist infrastructure, reliable public transportation, and extremely friendly locals, Croatia is a fantastic place to travel regardless of age, gender, or group size. 

Travelling off the beaten track

Driving in Croatia
Hiking in Velebit National Park

For adventurous travelers who are looking to discover Croatia’s excellent national parks and off-the-beaten-path corners. We recommend consulting with a guide or hotel staff before setting off on hikes in national parks – to make sure you get the best route, and also to ensure there is somewhere who knows where you have set off to. 

The most intrepid travelers should be aware that there are still very few pockets of unexploded landmines in Croatia. These are found in extremely remote corners of the country, well away from any areas of tourist interest.

For those looking to hire a car, you’ll find Croatia a reasonably easy place to drive around. Driving is on the right; overtaking on the left. We advise driving with caution at all times, and although you may find Croatia’s larger towns and cities a little busy, experienced drivers should not find the experience intimidating. Outside of the cities, you’ll find immaculate roads and relatively low traffic. 

Safe Travel with Unforgettable Croatia

Tourist overlooking Dubrovnik
Mountain biking in Istria

Your safety in Croatia is our top priority. During your tour, you will be looked after by our trusted expert guides, drivers, activity providers, and ship crews at all times. Our impeccable service both, during, and after your trip ensures everything runs seamlessly and stress-free. 

Unless otherwise specified we will always include private airport transfers at either end of your trip, ensuring you arrive safely and in style. All our tours, shore excursions, and activities are led by local experts who regard your safety just as important as ensuring you have a good time. 

Should you run into issues during your trip, or are simply looking for the best local advice, you can contact your consultant or our expert ground team at any time.

Covid Precautions

Covid safe traveler in Croatia
Trogir old town

Croatia has largely escaped the worst effects of Covid-19. It was one of the very first countries in Europe to go into lockdown in 2020, and as such has suffered a fraction of Covid-related cases and deaths compared to nearby Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, or Spain. 

However, with tourism being such an integral part of the Croatian economy, the country has suffered economically from the closure of borders. The country is keen to receive fully vaccinated guests from overseas, and hopes for the full restoration of its tourism industry for summer 2022. 

To prove that you are safe to travel to Croatia, you will need to provide evidence of a negative PCR test, not older than 72 hours; or a negative antigen test not older than 48 hours. Proof of recovery from Covid-19, or full vaccination, is not considered. 

As of May 2021, the hospitality sector in Croatia is now back fully operational. Bars, restaurants, and cafes are fully open until 10pm each day – with outdoor service only. The Croatian government aims to have a minimum of 50% of the population fully vaccinated by year-end 2021. Those working in tourism and hospitality are to be given priority.

Travel advisories

Map of Croatia
Split waterfront

We advise keeping checking the relevant travel advisories in your home country while planning your travel to Croatia before you depart, and at all times during your stay. 

Please see links below to key national travel advisories country-by-country. 

UK Government – Foreign and Commonwealth Office

US Government – State Department

Australian Government – Department of Foreign Affairs

European Union – Croatia Travel Advice

Advice on health matters can be found here:

Croatia Tourism health advice

Center for Disease Control

NHS Fit for Travel

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