Croatia Heritage Tours

To explore Croatia’s cultural heritage is to follow the trail of Europe’s great empires – from the magnificent Roman and Venetian architecture of Pula, Korčula and Split, the museums of Zagreb and the walled cites of Dalmatia, to UNESCO-listed medieval art, Ancient Greek archaeological sites and an unrivalled fusion of cultures, cuisines and aesthetics that is as wonderful as it is diverse.

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Dalmatian Heritage Tour

    Throughout history the Dalmatian region has been influenced by the Greeks, Romans, Venetians and the French Empire. Explore Dalmatian’s rich historical and cultural heritage and learn about the history of Split, Hvar, Trogir, Korcula, Dubrovnik and more.
    • 7 Nights
    • Price From: $2,395
    • Board: Bed and Breakfast
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  • Dubrovnik

    Croatia & Montenegro Heritage Tour

    A journey of discovery of the rich and diverse Croatian heritage encompassing Greek, Roman, Venetian and Ottoman eras. Explore the history, culture and natural beauty of the remarkable Dalmatian region, including the delightful charm of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. A cultural trip to savour.
    • 10 Nights
    • Price From: $3,395
    • Board: Bed and Breakfast
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The Old World Brought to Life

On a heritage tour of Croatia with Unforgettable Croatia you’ll discover some of the worlds most incredible walled cities – namely Dubrovnik and Korčula, each of which are steeped in history and a pleasure to explore – with maze-like old towns, incredible architecture, world-class cuisine and perfect locations perched on the breathtaking shores of the Adriatic. You’ll get to visit enthralling ancient ruins such as the Roman city of Salona, and mingle with locals on Split’s distinctly vibrant coastal promenade – The Riva – which exudes a chic French flair with its collection of modern cafes, restaurants and lively bars that have views out to the yachts that are always anchored just offshore.

Islands such as Hvar and Korčula offer a fantastic mix of old world charm and gorgeous location – with scenic beaches framing lively old towns, glamorous harbor cities lined with marble streets and world-class dining that fuses seafood and Slavic cuisine to Hungarian spices and the elegance and simplicity of modern Mediterranean cooking.

Croatia offers an eclectic collection of museums – with offerings such as the Museum of Split which explores the ancient beginnings of the capital of Dalmatia, the Maritime Museum in Dubrovnik which traces the seafaring legacy of the former Republic of Dubrovnik, and the fascinating Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb which explores broken relationships through donated objects and stories from hundreds of former lovers.

Heritage Vacations to Croatia offer a condensed path to uncover and demystify the complexity of Europe’s history and culture – whether you’re looking for architecture, the legacies of the Roman, Austro-Hungarian or Venetian empires or modern cultural references (Game of Thrones tours of Dubrovnik) – Croatia provides it all.

Our specialists have created a collection of tailor-made heritage tours and vacations to Croatia, which cover all the above and much more.