Game of Thrones Tours in Croatia

Join our hand crafted Game of Thrones private tours and discover Croatia’s ancient cities, breathtaking national parks and idyllic islands whilst exploring the real City of Meereen, Kings Landing, Qarth and more.

Game of Thrones Tours Filming Locations in Croatia

Our exciting Game of Thrones tour includes privately guided tours to a number of iconic filming locations in the series.

Klis Fortress (Split)

This ancient fortress just outside the city of Split, has an enviable mountain location offering exceptional views over Split and the gorgeous Adriatic ocean. Klis Fortress was used in the series to film Daenerys seizing the city of Meereen and freeing the slaves from their masters. This dramatic fortress offers forms a key plot in the series where Khaleesi punishes the rules of Meereen by nailing them to crosses for all the slaves to see.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - City of Mereen

Diocletian’s Palace (Split)

The 1700 year old UNESCO listed Diocletian’s Palace is the most famous landmark in Split and plays another key role in the series. The palace was originally built by one of Rome’s greatest emperors Diocletian as his retirement residence. The cellars of this famous palace were used to store rubbish over the years until 1952 when it was excavated to allow visitors to walk through the tunnels. It is within the palace walls and cellars that Daenerys trains her 3 dragons and is also where the scene in season four takes place where the slaves sit around the fire and decide whether or not to support her.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Diocletian Palace

Zrnovnica (Split)

The small village of Zrnovnica, just outside Split was used as another key film scene in the series. This small village was once home to a large number of grain mills, which unfortunately have disappeared over time. The Zrnovnica is easily recognised as the set in season four where Missandei, Daenerys’ handmaid and interpreter has her bathing scene and at the Zrnovnica Quarry, where the battle Daenerys and the Unsullied approach the Meereen gate, in which Daario Naharis kills the city champion.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Zrnovnica Water Mill

St. Dominika Street (Dubrovnik)

St Dominika Street is based within Dubrovnik’s UNESCO listed Old Town and features narrow lanes and ancient stone houses. This picturesque street was used in several Game of Thrones scenes throughout the series. These include the killing of King Robert’s illegitimate sons by Queen Cersei and Queen Cersei being forced to walk through the town naked as a sign of penance. Rumour from the set has it that more than 1,000 actresses applied for the role as her naked body double to play the part.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - St Dominika Street

Lovrijenac Fortress (Dubrovnik)

Built in the 16th century, this fortress features 12m thick walls and was built by the Croatian’s to avoid the impending invasion by the Venetian’s. The logic behind this cunning move was that the Venetian’s would see the fortress and believe that it was an impregnable fortress around the city to protect it. In any case it worked and avoided Dubrovnik being captured. The fortress was used in the series to feature the tournament to honour King Joffrey’s name.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Lovrijenac Fortress

Pile Gate (Dubrovnik)

Based on the Western side of the city, Pile offers superb views of Bokar Fortress and Lovrijenac Fortress. It was once a key transport hub for sailors arriving to the western side of the city and even today remains a popular spot for eagle eyed photographers. It features heavily in the series and is used as Blackwater Bay. One of the main scenes as featured in series three was filmed here where Sansa Stark and Lord Baelish discuss escape plans following King Joffrey’s death.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Pile Dubrovnik

Lokrum Island (Lokrum)

Just 600m off Dubrovnik’s coastline is the Island of Lokrum, an enchanting little island which dates back to 1023. Based on a legend Richard the Lion Heart ship wrecked returning from one of his crusades and managed to safely swim to Lokrum Island. He planned to build a church on the island but at the pleas of the Dubrovnik citizens he built it on the mainland instead. The island is used in the filming of Game of Thrones where Khaleesi meets with the Spice King.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Lokrum Island

Trsteno Arboretum (Dubrovnik)

These lush gardens which offer truly breathtaking views over the Adriatic ocean were built in the 15th century. Set just outside Dubrovnik, the Trsteno Arboretum was used in the filming of Game of Thrones as the palace gardens to Kings Landing. It is in these gardens in season three that you witness Sansa Stark revealing secrets about King Joffrey to Lady Olenna. It is also in these gardens that Lord Varys and Lady Olenna actively discuss the safety of Sansa Stark and where you feel the plot to poison King Joffrey would have materialised.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Trsteno Arboretum

Mineeta Tower (Dubrovnik)

The Mineeta Tower is the highest point in the city of Dubrovnik, which offers unrivalled views across the enchanting Old Town. Visitors to the tower can walk along the city walls and marvel at the terracotta rooftops in the Old Town below. This prominent tower was used in the filming of Daenerys and Jorah Mormont attempting to enter the House of the Undying as Daenerys attempts to retrieve her stolen dragons.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Mineeta Tower

Bokar Fortress (Dubrovnik)

The Bakar Fortress, often called “Zvjezdan”, is considered to be one of the most beautiful instances of harmonious and functional fortification architecture, alongside the Mineeta Tower. Located on the Western side of the city, the fortress is perched above Pile Gate and is the key defence point for the area. It was used to represent the Kings Landing in the Game of Thrones scenes and particularly during a conversation between Tyrion and Lord Varys when Tyrion tells him that he feels he is ‘quite good’ at being hand of the king.

Croatia Game of Thrones Tour - Bokar Fortress