Sarajevo & Mostar Private Tour

An introduction to this fascinating, multi-ethic part of Europe – Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your private guided tour will take you to the wonders of Mostar – the gateway to the Orient! You will experience the unique beauty, history and charm of Sarajevo, the capital.


  • Enjoy a private guided sightseeing tour from Split to to Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzgovina
  • Discover what makes Mostar a melting pot of cultures and religions, known  as the ‘window of the Orient’
  • Sample the local cuisine such as the cevapi, burek, baklava & the best Bosnian coffee
  • Experience the unique history, culture and charm of Sarajevo the capital with its unique multi-ethnicity


Explore two of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most beautiful cities on the Sarajevo and Mostar Private Tour. Begin your excursion exploration in magnificent Mostar. The city is home to the iconic Stari Most and the imposing Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque that boasts the best views all around. In the afternoon, discover the unique history, culture and charm of the capital Sarajevo, that sits on the Miljacka River.

Wander through the city centre and historic market and admire the landmarks of the old quarter. You’ll also have free time for a spot of shopping.

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  • The prices on our website are based on low season departures in May and October. Vacations from June through September will be higher, so please adjust your budget accordingly
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