Roman Ruins of Salona, UNESCO town of Trogir & Split City Tour – Private Guide

Step back in time. We take you on a cultural day, visiting the ancient Roman ruins of Salona, situated near Split – the birth place of Emperor Diocletian. We visit the UNESCO island town of Trogir and also have a full tour of Diocletian’s Palace – the medieval old town of Split.


  • Visit to the Roman ruins of Salona,  UNESCO town of Trogir & Split City Tour with our professional and informative guide
  • Dating back to the 2nd century BC, the impressive Salona developed as a major Roman town in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD
  • See defence walls, aqueduct, basilicas, thermal baths, the amphitheater and more
  • Explore the charming island town of Trogir and a full tour of the old town of Split


Step back into ancient times on the Roman ruins of Salona UNESCO town of Trogir & Split City Tour and imagine yourself instantly transported to another world. Your history lesson begins with a visit to Salona, which was the birthplace of the Emperor Diocletian.  Discover the intriguing defence walls, aqueduct, thermal baths, basilica and amphitheater.

On arrival in Trogir, walk the ancient stone streets and explore the elegant squares. Split’s impressive Diocletian’s Palace and its medieval Old Town provide the perfect place to round off your historic tour.

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