Rock Climbing Omis

Scale the heights and experience the breathtaking views on this cliff climbing adventure at Omis at the banks of the river Cetina. On your descent, reward yourself with a refreshing swim in the river or sea. No prior experience is required and all safety equipment is supplied – minimum age, 8.


  • An exciting climbing adventure on the banks of the river Cetina
  • Learn how to safely climb and descend the spectacular cliffs of Omis
  • Reward yourself with a refreshing swim in the sea or river after the climb
  • No previous experience required – safety equipment supplied with expert qualified instructors – minimum age, 8


Scale great heights and enjoy breathtaking views, on the daring and exciting Rock Climbing Omis excursion. Our expert instructors will teach you all you need to know to safely climb the magnificent rugged mountains on the banks of the Cetina River. Registered and certified equipment is provided.

The best climbing routes lead you directly 10 to 30 meters above sea level and offer spectacular vistas from the cliff tops. On your descent, you can reward yourself with a refreshing swim break in the crystal clear azure waters of the Adriatic Sea.

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