Private Culinary Tour – Split

Celebrate your passion for food on this fun and entertaining private culinary tour, combining the best sights in Split with the most delicious local delicacies. Select the finest ingredients from the local markets for the chef at Diocletian’s Wine House to cook you a tasty lunch.


  • Ideal for foodies, with a visit to the Pazar (Greenmarket) and Peskarija (gourmet fish market)
  • Enjoy a gourmet lunch at Diocletian’s Wine House Restaurant
  • Walk across the famous Riva promenade, in the heart of the city
  • Admire the historic and extraordinary architecture of the old town


Celebrate your passion for food on a fun and educational Split Private Culinary Tour. The intimate trip combines sightseeing with walking, food shopping and eating. Visit the local Peskarija (fish) and Pazar (green) markets to purchase the freshest seasonal produce and the best tasty ingredients for your lunch.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along Split’s famous seafront Riva promenade and admire the historic buildings and monuments. When you’ve worked up a healthy appetite, deliver your goodies to the chef at Diocletian’s Wine House, and relax whilst a delicious lunch fit for an Emperor is prepared for you.

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