Canoe Safari Tour -Sibernik, Zadar

Enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled Canoe Safari adventure on the stunning Zrmanja and Krupa River. Enjoy this natural phenomenon and explore one of the most impressive canyons in Croatia with spectacular waterfalls. No prior experience is required and all safety equipment is supplied – minimum age, 6.


  • A thrilling guided Canoe Safari tour on the beautiful Zrmania and Krupa river
  • Paddle down gentle rapids, exploring this stunning area of natural beauty with magnificent waterfalls
  • Perfectly calm waters – colorful and vibrant wildlife
  • No previous experience required – safety equipment supplied with expert qualified instructors – minimum age, 6


Unleash your inner intrepid explorer on an exhilarating Canoe Safari excursion on the Zrmanja River. The crystal clear and warm waters invite you to board your canoe for an unforgettable experience paddling down easy rapids, and observing the stunning scenery from water level. The tour is suitable for beginner and more experienced canoeists.

You’ll quickly learn how to handle the kayak and will have the confidence to explore the canyon. As you paddle your way down the Zrmanja to Muskovci, enjoy the spectacular cascading waterfalls and witness the fish and bird life.

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  • The prices on our website are based on low season departures in May and October. Vacations from June through September will be higher, so please adjust your budget accordingly
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