Truffle Hunting Experience – Istria – Prodan Truffles

A unique truffle-hunting adventure, lead by our hosts, the Prodan family and their truffle-hunting dogs. You will learn all about this exclusive and exquisite subterranean Ascomycete fungus delicacy, venture out into the beautiful countryside and will have an opportunity to taste the delicious product.


  • Learn about the unique and distinctive characteristics of Truffle Hunting, with the welcoming Prodan family and their truffle hunting dogs
  • Friendly hosts will tell you all about this unique tradition of the subterranean Ascomycete fungus delicacy
  • Venture into the picturesque and gorgeous landscape to hunt for your truffle
  • Taste the delicious truffle product – the hidden underground treasure


Discover the ultimate foodie treasure on the Truffle Hunting Experience. The adventure begins when you meet the Prodan family. Our friendly hosts are third generation truffle experts that know everything that there is to know about the exquisite subterranean Ascomycete fungus delicacy.

Learn about the tradition of truffle hunting and where they are found, and meet the truffle hunting dogs. Venture out into the beautiful tranquil countryside to hunt for your truffle rewards. You will also have an opportunity to taste the delicious truffle products and to purchase some to take home.

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  • The prices on our website are based on low season departures in May and October. Vacations from June through September will be higher, so please adjust your budget accordingly
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