Kameni Dvori – Home Hosted Cooking Experience in Konavle

Enjoy a traditional cooking experience in the rural Konavle region near Dubrovnik. Learn how to cook, Croatian-style and then sample the delicious dishes at the celebratory feast.


  • A home cooking experience of traditional dishes from Konavle in rural Dubrovnik
  • A half-day cooking experience where you will learn to cook in the traditional way
  • Tasty meats are cooked under a baking lid bell/ skewered on laurel sticks
  • You will enjoy a celebratory feast in the evening, dining on the delicious dishes that you  prepared earlier.


Learn to rustle up tasty and authentic Croatian food in our half day, educational and fun Home Cooking  experience in Konavle.  You will prepare the ingredients to create some of the classic and most popular Konavle region dishes.

Meats are cooked under a baking lid bell or skewered on laurel sticks. You will learn how to cook in the traditional manner without electricity or kitchen gadgets. In the evening, join your classmates at the celebration feast and sample the delicious cuisine and local wine. You will even receive a certificate as proof of your new skill.

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  • The prices on our website are based on low season departures in May and October. Vacations from June through September will be higher, so please adjust your budget accordingly
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