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Hiking in the Velebit Mountains – Sibenik, Zadar

Hiking is the best way to explore the National Park Paklenica with over 100 miles of spectacular footpaths, from the stunning Velika Paklenica canyon to the Matina cave. Hiking routes are planned by us to suit the fitness level of the group from easy to advanced.

Hiking in the Velebit Mountains

Discover the breathtaking beauty and spectacular scenery of Velebit on our Hiking Tour. Pull on your hiking boots and hit the 100 miles of pathways that traverse the National Park Paklenica.

Explore the Velika Paklenica canyon that overlooks the Matina cave, and navigate your way to Lugarnica, the climber’s lodging site that is situated at the summit of the Velebit mountain range’s highest peak. Your fitness level will determine your pace. Be on the look out for wildlife, and don’t forget to immerse yourself in ‘forest bathing’ in the beautiful peaceful surroundings.


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