Sipan Island

In the 15th and 16th centuries many noble families from Dubrovnik built their summer residences on Šipan. There are two main towns on the island, Šipanska Luka and Suđurađ. In the latter, you can see remains of the renaissance castle of the family Stjepović – Skočibuha, whose construction was started in 1529. Also worth visiting is the beautiful Pakljena tower which dates back to 1563.

Sipan At A Glance

How to get there: Fly into Dubrovnik airport, take a ferry or Catamaran to Sipan Island

Population of Sipan: 500

What to See in Sipan: St Peter’s Church, Church of the Holy Spirit, Beaches, Pakljana tower

Towns or islands to visit near Sipan: Dubrovnik, Mljet, Jakljan, Lopud, Olipa

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Things to do in Sipan

  • Sipan Island, Croatia

    Cycle Your Way Around The Island

    The beautiful island of Šipan is the largest of the 14 Elaphiti Islands, and it is also a popular destination for sightseeing day-trippers. To maximise your time on the island, hire a bike in town and explore the quaint villages, olive groves and lush countryside, on a scenic two-wheeled road trip from Sudurad to Sipanska Luka. The two main towns are situated on opposite ends of the relatively small island, and can be easily accessed.

  • Sipan Island

    Enjoy A Boating Adventure

    Take to the calm, crystal clear waters and enjoy a boat trip around the tranquil and stunning archipelago. Of the 14 Elaphiti Islands, only the three largest – Koločep, Lopud and Šipan – are permanently inhabited. Hop aboard a boat and sail away to a secluded bay or cove. Alternatively, you can island hop in search of the perfect idyllic spot where you can relax, sunbathe and swim. The spectacular rolling scenery offers plenty of photo opportunities.

  • Sunset in Sipan Island

    Discover The Beauty Of Pakleni

    The Pakleni Islands comprise of a chain of beautiful wooded isles that stretches out directly in front of Hvar Town. It’s easy to transform a day trip to the islands into an exciting adventure. Explore the deserted lagoons and shady coves that are surrounded by shimmering turquoise waters that invite you to dive in. Go in search of a secluded beach, or venture into the lush green landscape that is embellished with fragrant pine trees.