Croatia Luxury Cruises

Explore the pristine Croatian coastline on one of our newly built luxury small ships within our Croatia Luxury Cruises, offering first class refinement. Our luxury ships include delicious on board dining, spacious cabins and a selection of guided tours with private transfers included.




  • MS Desire

    MS Desire

    The MS Desire was launched in 2017 and boasts 19 en-suite cabins for a maximum of 38 guests. This spacious ships features cabins spread across 4 decks, offering guests very spacious accommodation, including 2 upper deck cabins and a sundeck cabin. The ship boasts an on board pool and Jacuzzi for ultimate comfort.

  • MS Mama Marija

    MS Mama Marija

    The MS Mama Marija is a luxurious small ship added to our fleet in 2018. This beautiful vessel caters for up to 36 guests spread cross 2 decks and boasts state-of-the-art technology and 18 en-suite cabins. One of the most highly rated ships in 2018, the Mama Marija has an excellent crew.

  • MS Arca

    MS Arca

    The striking MS Arca launched on the Dalmatian coast in 2017 and has become a popular ship on the Croatian coast. With its modern come shaby chic design, the ship is one of the best rated ships in Croatia for service. With 19 cabins spread across three decks, the Arca boasts an extensive sundeck with an onboard pool at the rear of the ship.