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One of the most frequently asked questions for any new visitor to any new country is – what’s the tipping situation?

To tip or not to tip? How frequently? Do we need to tip everyone? And how much do we tip? We’ve put together this guide to ensure you have all the information you need before you begin your luxury tour or cruise in Croatia!

Croatia Kuna
Croatia credit cards


The Basics

Tipping is a part of Croatian culture. When going out and about, or using the services of any local staff, tips are neither compulsory nor expected – but are very much appreciated!

Croatia is yet to join the Euro, and continues to use its own Croatian currency the Kuna. You’ll typically be using Kuna for your local purchases, and therefore tipping in Kuna too. 

Credit cards can be used for settling restaurant or hotel bills, or for large souvenir purchases, and you may find you are given the option to add a small gratuity as part of the credit card transaction. 

Below we run through some typically expected amounts in various situations when visiting Croatia. 

Sea bar in Croatia
Luxury yacht in Korcula


Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants

After you finish a meal in a local restaurant in Croatia you’ll find that tipping etiquette is fairly settled. As with much of Europe, leaving a tip of around 10% on top of the bill is considered appropriate. 

At more informal locations such as cafes and bars, simply round up the bill, or add around 3-5%, whichever you feel most comfortable with. 

Of course, if you feel the service received was particularly good, feel free to leave a little more!


Hotel Staff

Tipping in hotels is generally not required. However, should you find yourself in a luxurious enough establishment to provide porters or maids, a small tip of perhaps 20 Kuna (roughly £2 or $3) will suffice. 

If using hotel bars or restaurants, follow the advice given above.


Tourist in Pula


Guides & Drivers

Tour guides in Croatia are among the best in Europe and are key to bringing your itinerary to life. As such, tips for your guides should be strongly considered. If you’re enjoying a private guide service – as on our private bespoke tours – a tip of around US$20-30 per day of service is about appropriate. Of course, scale up if you feel your guide has been exceptional!

If you’re joining a shared group tour – such as a walking tour of Dubrovnik, or a day trip to Krka or Plitvice National Parks – all parties in the group are welcoming to chip in around US$5-10 each, making up a tidy sum for the tour guide.


Taxis and Private Drivers 

Private drivers – such as those provided on our exclusive private airport transfers before or after your cruise or tour – may expect a tip of around US$10-15 per day in service. 

All taxis in Croatia are on the meter and tips are not expected. Please note, however, it is common practice to round up the fare by adding a couple of Kuna primarily to avoid the hassle of loose change!

Cruise staff (generic)
Harbour in Trogir


Cruise Staff

When on-board our deluxe small ship cruises, gratuities are not included in the price and are optional and a voluntary way of showing satisfaction for the excellent service of the crew and Cruise Director over the course of the week. 

As a guideline, if joining our best-selling Deluxe Balcony cruises from Split to Dubrovnik, we would suggest a total amount equivalent to €50 per person for the Cruise Director and €70 per person for the crew at the end of the cruise.


If you’re looking for travel ideas, check out our recommended bespoke tours and luxury small ship cruises which feature destinations all across charming Croatia. 

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