Dubrovnik is located in the south of Croatia and is known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. It is a stunning city with a well preserved cultural and historical heritage, earning a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979. Dubrovnik has become a popular destination for tourists because it has so much to offer, from historical sites, delicious cuisine and fun activities for the family to enjoy. We have selected eight things that should be on the top of the list for anyone visiting Dubrovnik. Take a look at what we have chosen:

Dubrovnik, City Walls, Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia

1) Walk the Famous Dubrovnik City Walls

The Dubrovnik Old Town is surrounded by medieval walls and forts which were completed in the 15th and 16th century. The walls are two kilometres long and were built to help protect the city from foreign invaders and attacks. Walking these famous walls is a popular tourist attraction, with visitors from all over the world travelling to climb them. It will take you approximately two hours to walk all the way around the wall, giving you plenty of time to take photos. During your walk, you will get to enjoy the best views of the Adriatic Sea, look down at the rooftops of the Old Town buildings and spot the impressive Lovrijenac Fortress and Lokrum Island. The walls can get busy, so we would recommend visiting as early as possible if you hope to avoid the crowds. Make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and water during the hot summer months as you won’t find any shady spots to hide in during your walk. If you are interested in finding out more about Dubrovnik and its famous City Walls, you can join a guided tour to learn more about its history.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, our 7 Night Deluxe Dubrovnik to Split Cruise includes tickets to the Dubrovnik City Walls. Check out our website to find out what other inclusions have been added to the cruise.

2) Take a Tour of the Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town is located within the city walls and is a small area, so it is best to explore the town by foot. You can join a guided tour and learn all about the historical sites, impressive Gothic and Romanesque architecture and hear interesting stories about the city. The Old Town was one of the areas which suffered the most bombings during the Croatian War of Independence. The city maps dotted around the Old Town show you all the places where the bombs were dropped on Dubrovnik. The guided tour will give you an insight into how Dubrovnik was impacted and the recovery of the city. You will also get to visit some of the historical landmarks including, Pile Gate, Stadun (also known as Placa) which is the main street running right the way through the Old Town, Big Onofrio’s Fountain and the Dubrovnik City Bell Tower.

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Dubrovnik Cable Car, Dubrovnik Old Town Market, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Unforgettable Croatia

3) Ride to the top of Mount Srd on the Cable Car

After a recent refurbishment, the Dubrovnik Cable Car has reopened and is back to taking visitors 405 metres up high to Mount Srd. The cable car is just a short ride, taking visitors to the top of the mountain in under 5 minutes. It was first opened in 1969 but was destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence. In 2010 it was restored and has continued to transport tourists to the top of the mountain where they can admire the stunning views. Make sure you bring your camera so you can snap away at the panoramic views of the Dubrovnik Old Town, the Adriatic Sea and Lokrum Island, which is 600 metres away from the city of Dubrovnik. If you are lucky enough to visit on a clear day, you can see up to 37 miles! At the top, visitors can also dine at the Panorama Restaurant and Bar as you overlook Dubrovnik or purchase gifts at the souvenir shop.

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4) Browse the Local Market in the Old Town

The Gunduliceva Poljana market in the Old Town is open every morning until 1pm and is a great way to spend your morning. The market has a variety of stalls selling fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. You will also find lavender oils and bags, dried figs, embodied table linens and lots more authentic, locally produced products. I recommend trying the candied orange peel, it is a popular snack in Croatia and very tasty!

Dubrovnik, Kayaking, Game of Thrones Tour, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia

5) Rent a Kayak and Explore Dubrovnik by Sea

One of the most popular outdoor activities in Dubrovnik is sea kayaking. The kayaking tours are a group excursion, led by a qualified instructor. You will begin the tour at the small beach near Pile Gate, where you will then head off and paddle alongside the impressive City Walls and Fort Lovrjenac. You will also have the opportunity to visit Lokrum Island and explore hidden caves before stopping for a short break at a hidden-beach cave. Whilst there, you will have free time to swim or snorkel in the sea and eat the lunch provided, before heading back to the mainland. Sea kayaking is a great activity to enjoy with your friends and family and offers breathtaking views of Dubrovnik from a difference perspective.

6) Join a Game of Thrones Tour

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then Dubrovnik should be high on your list of places to visit. Many memorable locations and iconic scenes from the hit HBO show were filmed in Dubrovnik, including the King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Step foot in Lovrijenac Fortress, which was used to film the Red Keep or visit the place where Cersei’s Walk of Shame scene took place. You will even get the chance to learn interesting facts about Dubrovnik City and funny anecdotes about the filming of Game of Thrones by your tour guide.

Our Game of Thrones Tour is the perfect vacation for any Game of Thrones fanatic! The tour includes stops in Split and Dubrovnik, where the show was filmed, as well as visiting Krka National Park, Lokrum Island and Hvar. You can find out more information about our Game of Thrones Tour here >

Banje Beach, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Croatian cooking class, Unforgettable Croatia

7) Visit the Local Beaches

Banje Beach is the most well-known of Dubrovnik’s public beaches and is just a short walk from the Ploče Gate. The pebbly beach has fantastic views of the city harbor and the island of Lokrum. You will find a restaurant and café along the waterfront where you can dine or grab a drink to help cool down from the summer heat. Take a dip in the clear blue sea or take part in the water sport activities on offer, you can rent a jet ski, speed boat, kayak or go parasailing! You can also rent sunbeds and canopies for you to lounge on and soak up the sun. If you are in Dubrovnik, make sure you stop by Banje beach, even if it is just to see the beautiful view.

You can find out more about Dubrovnik and our cruises here >

8) Enjoy a Cooking Class with a Croatian Family

If you are looking for an authentic Croatian experience, then book a private excursion where you can learn how to cook Dalmatian cuisine. We can offer you the chance to take part in a cooking class with a local family who live just outside of the city center and can trace their family history back over 500 years. You will learn how to make bread the Croatian way, pick fresh vegetables from the garden and enjoy a traditional Croatian meal you have cooked. If this sounds like something you would love to do, call our travel experts on +1 (844) 879 7838 to book this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can find out more about our vacations to Dubrovnik on our website here or give our travel experts a call on +1 (844) 879 7838 to find out more.

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The Croatian capital city of Zagreb may be relatively small and compact in size, but its packed full of fabulously cool and fun recreational activities and things to see, explore and do. It’s possible to get a real taste of Zagreb with a two or three-night stay. We recommend combining your stay in Zagreb with a Croatia private tour or luxury Croatia cruise.

Zagreb, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia  Step Back In Time

Take a stroll along the charming narrow alleyways of the Upper Town to get a taste of what life was once like in the city. Many of the elegant courtyards have vintage gas lamps that are lit up in the evening.

Visit Zagreb Cathedral

The majestic and monumental 13th century Neo-gothic Cathedral is the tallest building in the Croatia. The Roman Catholic Cathedral’s impressive restoration is the work of architect Herman Bollé.

Explore The Great Outdoors

Zrinjevac Park is the best starting point for an expedition of Zagreb’s parks. Half way around the U-shaped Lenuci’s Horseshoe trail you will find the Croatian National Theatre. At the Botanical Garden you can explore the English-style arboretum and lakes, and over 10,000 plant species.

Check out our 12-Night Croatia, Bosnia & Montenegro Luxury Cruise & Land Package here>

Zagreb, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia

Visit A Sacred Shrine

Commonly known as the Stone Gate, the shrine to Virgin Mary is where the locals go to pray and give blessings. The sacred shrine is situated at the top of Radićeva Street.

Take A Ride

Enjoy the world’s shortest cable car ride and spectacular views. When you hop on the 19th century Funicular it takes just 64 seconds to travel the 66 meters to the top.

Go For A Swim

Cool off with a dip in Jarun’s small or big lakes. The beautiful lakes are surrounded with 10km of walking and cycling trails.

Our Ultimate Croatia Family Vacation package offers a fun packed itinerary for you and the kids, starting in Zagreb!

Hang Out In A Coffee Shop

Croats love to drink coffee, particularly in chic coffee shops. To experience peak time café culture in Zagreb on Saturdays, head for Bogovićeva Street. The Velvet Cafe (Dežmanov prolaz 9) and Kava Tava (Britanac 1) are alternative popular places to be seen in.

If you are a food enthusiast, check out our Taste of Croatia tour, where you will get to try delicious Croatian cuisine in Zagreb, Rovinj, Split and more!

Zagreb, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia

Check Out St. Marks Church

Feast your eyes on the distinctive red-and-white checkered tiles that cover the entire the roof of St. Mark’s Church. If you take a peak inside, you find artwork by the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

Meander Along The Strossmayer Promenade

As the only tree-lined avenue in Zagreb’s Upper Town, Strossmayer Promenade is the perfect location for a romantic interlude.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, join our Croatia Food & Wine Discovery tour where you can enjoy delicious truffles in Istria and taste local wine in Zagreb.

Gaze Out Over Gradec Plateau

The Gradec Plateau is where you will find St. Catherine’s Church. It’s also the location to enjoy breathtaking views of Zagreb Cathedral.

Go Architecture Spotting

Zagreb is home to outstanding architecture in many styles. The Art Nouveau houses on Masarykova Street and the Meštrović Pavilion are fabulously awesome examples.

Get Geeky

The Technical Museum is a popular attraction that boasts a replica of Nikola Tesla’s lab. Take a tour of his greatest inventions and enjoy hands on experimental experiences.

Expand Your Mind

The Museum Of Illusions is filled with unusual and amazing trickery to blow your mind. Check out what’s it’s like to feel like Alice In Wonderland.

Discover Croatian Naive Art

Admire the colorful artwork of self-taught peasant painters at the Museum of Croatian Naïve Art.

Explore the impressive museums and castles nearby in Zagreb on our Croatia Lakes & Cities Vacation.

Meet The Witches Of Zagreb

Learn all about the history of the local witches that were burnt at the stake. At Zagreb’s City Museum you will discover many interesting facts.

Call our Croatia travel experts on +1 (844) 879 7838 to discuss your vacation. We can recommend how to combine a trip to Zagreb with a fantastic Croatia island-hopping cruise or as part of a bespoke Croatia vacation package.

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2020 sees the exciting launch of our new class of small ship cruise in Croatia; Signature Cruises. In our blog post, we take you through some of the reasons why they are the best around.

See all our Signature Croatia Cruises here >

Unforgettable Croatia, Dubrovnik, Krka National Park, Mljet

1. Inclusions

We all know that one of the best ways to learn about a country is to take part on guided tours. All tours in Croatia have to be given by licensed guides, and the training is rigorous.
Exclusively included in the price of our Signature Croatia Cruises is;

A ticket for entry to walk on Dubrovnik’s City Walls

This is a must-do when you are in Dubrovnik. Not only is a good way to get your bearings and amazing views over the city’s terracotta rooftiles and sheer drops to the sparkling Adriatic Sea below, but you can also appreciate the huge width of the walls. These walls are considered to be one of the greatest fortifications of the Middle Ages because they were never breached by any invading army during this time.

Walk on the ancient city walls on a Dubrovnik to Opatija Signature Cruise >

Entrance to Mljet National Park

Your ticket to this stunning national park includes a guided tour by your Cruise Director. Your small group, made up only of passengers from your ship, will walk down a scenic woodland path until you reach the edge of the first lake. The water of both lakes is beautifully calm, turquoise in color, and crystal clear.

You’ll continue walking a short while around the flat perimeter of the lake until you reach the second, larger lake, where you will board a small boat. The boat will glide across the lake past dilapidated but beautiful houses that were once grand, until after 10 minutes or so you reach tiny St Mary’s isle which is home to an ancient monastery and a handful of donkeys. Disembark here to explore at your leisure, perhaps ordering a coffee from the ground floor of the monastery that now serves refreshments instead of God.

On returning to the large lake’s edge, you could hire a bike or scooter to explore the edge of the lakes further. There are very few cars on the island.

Visit Mljet National Park on our 7-Night Dubrovnik to Split Signature Cruise >

Entrance to Krka National Park

Many people have heard about UNESCO-listed Plitvice Lakes National Park and make a beeline for it when they visit Croatia. Our travel experts prefer to take people to Krka Waterfalls National Park, which we see as Plitvice’s little brother. That doesn’t mean that Krka packs less of a punch though. Krka has seven amazing, cascading waterfalls, rustic bridges and walkways that let you completely absorb yourself in lush green nature. Included with your ticket is a boat ride on the lakes, which is a must-do. Another highlight is the stunning Visovac monastery, on a tiny island in the centre of the turquoise lake with a stunning backdrop of karst cliffs.

Remember to take your swimming gear too; you can swim in the lakes at Krka – another trump card over Plitvice.

Visit Krka National Park on a Split to Dubrovnik Signature Cruise >

Jeep Safari

Jump in a Jeep or Land Rover Defender with an experienced driver to experience off-the-beaten-path Croatia. You discover that there’s much more than beaches and bars to Croatia. Find out how this terrain shaped lives of ancient settlements. You’ll visit beautiful abandoned villages and stunning viewpoints.

Unforgettable Croatia, Peka, Oyster tasting

2. Amazing food

On board our Croatia Signature Cruises, your trip includes half board, plus three evening meals. Breakfast will offer an American-style buffet with fresh fruit, varying cooked items like eggs, bacon, pancakes and more. Lunch will be taken on the ship, and is a sit-down, three-course meal – great after a day of exploring. Whilst the meal is sit-down, it is not formal. You can wear shorts and t-shirt without feeling underdressed. You also get a glass of wine, beer or soft drink free with your lunch meal.

The three evening meals provided by the ship are great fun and very entertaining. The first will be on the first night at the Welcome Dinner, where you will have a cocktail on the house and get to meet your fellow passengers. Explore the ship with your new cruise friends, drink in hand, before being welcomed into the dining room for a delicious sit-down meal.

During our cruises, you will have a mid-week meal included. This is often land-based and is a chance for our itinerary planners to make sure you get a taste of local life. Try a local speciality, Peka, which is meat and vegetables cooked slowly under hot embers for hours. Best served with lots of local wine on a balmy, twilit evening.

Our cruises offer the Captain’s Dinner during the week too. This is a fun evening to spend with your new-found cruise friends. Get ready for some live entertainment and some dancing on board! Who will be invited to eat at the exclusive seats at the Captain’s Table?

Also included in our Croatia cruise itinerary is a local wine-tasting and an oyster-tasting. These two separate, special occasions are each held in stunning, peaceful surroundings. You will have a talk by the business owner, who will tell you of his family’s trade that goes back generations, before having a chance to try their produce.

Browse all our Signature Cruise Itineraries >

3. The best cruise directors

Many tour guides in Croatia are fanatic about their country (rightly so, we say), but it takes a special sort of person to make a cruise truly Unforgettable. Since our Signature Croatia Cruises are completely unique and everything is designed by us, we have handpicked the best guides to be our Unforgettable A-Team of Cruise Directors. These guys and girls go through years of rigorous tour-guide training, but it takes more than remembering names and dates to make it onto our squad.

Our Cruise Directors will make sure that your trip is memorable. It’s an art that can’t be taught to make sure that every single member of your 40-strong party feels valued and special throughout the cruise. Your Cruise Director is in charge of getting you to meeting points with local tour guides, is responsible for briefing you about the day’s itinerary and for generally making sure you are happy whilst in Croatia. He or she will be able to answer any question you may have about their country, its culture and its people. He or she is also very familiar with our small ships and the etiquette on board.

On an Unforgettable Croatia Signature Cruise, you will be looked after by the best Cruise Directors in the business.

Unforgettable Croatia

4. The best ships

Our Signature Croatia Cruises operate on the best and youngest fleet of small cruise ships in the Adriatic Sea. Ships in this category are the newest and most sought after.

Our Croatia small cruise ships have 19 cabins with capacity for 40 guests. Usually cabins are available on the main deck with a picture window, or on the lower deck with a porthole. Some also have private balconies. All have natural light. Cabins are kitted out with the latest amenities including a small flat screen TV, hair dryer and safe. There is plenty of room to move around the cabin, and the bathrooms are equally spacious. Even though you will spend, most of your time out exploring or in the communal areas, cabins are light and pleasant to return to.

5. The most fun itineraries

Our Croatia Travel Experts have handpicked the best stops along the Dalmatian Coast and the Kvarner Bay. You will visit a perfect combination of must-see sights like magnificent Dubrovnik and stunning Split, as well as visit off-the-beaten-path islands like Cres and Vis.

Our Signature cruises do not sail overnight so you will be able to sleep soundly each night of your cruise. Your captain will cover short island hops during the day, with plenty of swim stops en route.

Looking to book a Signature Croatia Cruise? Call us today on +44 208 004 2345.

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Croatia is not only filled with a wealth of remarkable ancient ruins, historic monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites, but it’s become one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, known as Eastern Europe’s ‘Riviera,’ with endless miles of sun-drenched beaches and island jewels, magnificent waterfalls and mountains. It also boasts a laid-back atmosphere and hospitable people along with mouthwatering food and outstanding wine.

With such a long list of fabulous places to visit, it can be to hard to decide how to make the most on your vacation Croatian. Many travelers find the best way to experience the country is via a small-ship cruise or a mixed cruise/land excursion, but no matter what your choice, you won’t want to miss experiencing some of these highlights.

Take a look at our small-ship cruises here>

Dubrovnik, Split,. Zadar, Unforgettable Croatia


The ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ as it’s often referred to, is famous as the city Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor often escaped to for romantic liaisons, and more recently, for its starring role in HBO’s hit “Game of Thrones.” It’s incredibly exotic, with narrow streets to stroll while catching glimpses of the azure Adriatic, with the beautiful pedestrian-only Old Town jam-packed with Baroque churches and aristocratic palazzi, all contained within medieval fortifications, complete with bastions, towers, forts and casemates. Fans of “GoT” may want to search out filming sites they’ll recognize from King’s Landing scenes, like the city’s entrance, the Pile Gate, as well as Fort Lovrijenac, where the name day celebration for Prince Joffrey was held and a spectacular view can be enjoyed. Find out more about our Game of Thrones Tours here>

The city center also hosts flower-filled gardens, fine dining restaurants, charming cafes and tiny bars with private nooks that are ideal for sipping Croatian wine or cocktails while enjoying quiet conversation. Nearby are pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters for swimming, while many exciting day trips can easily be enjoyed, perhaps to one of the sparsely populated isles like Sipan in the Elaphiti Islands with its citrus groves, fig and olive trees, and vineyards – it’s famous for its tasty wine and wonderfully relaxed ambiance.


The “Mediterranean Flower,” is filled with fascinating history, not to mention being home to beautiful beaches for swimming, a picturesque palm-lined seaside promenade as well as a top-notch shopping and dining scene. As you explore the enticing narrow streets, you’ll be able to gaze up at some of the world’s most well-preserved Roman architecture. The ancient palace built for Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the 4th-century AD, with its Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque architecture, is a remarkable maze-like complex that resembles a large fortress – it takes up nearly half the historic center. More like a small city itself, it was birthed when Diocletian decided it would be ideal for a retirement destination.

Stroll the marble pathways and discover medieval buildings that have been converted into bars, cafes, interesting shops, bustling markets, and sleek apartments that were made from the barracks where Diocletian’s soldiers once resided. In the heart of the complex is Cathedral Sveti Duji, which was once the site of the mausoleum for the Roman emperor himself. By climbing to the top of the bell tower, you’ll be rewarded with an awe-inspiring panorama of the palace, city and the sea beyond.

Find out more about our small-ship cruises from Split here>


This 3,000-year-old walled city remains relatively undiscovered compared to some of the country’s more famous destinations, set along the seafront with a gorgeous promenade. It has become a bit more well-known in recent years thanks to its unique art installations. The Sea Organ plays harmonious sounds using sea waves through tubes beneath the marble steps, while the nearby “Greeting to the Sun” light installation is a display of lights produced from the rhythm of the waves. There are also unspoiled beaches for soaking up the sun and the sand, and if you’re here at dusk, you can marvel at the same sunset Alfred Hitchcock called one of the world’s most stunning. In Zadar’s historic heart, discover impressive medieval architecture, Roman ruins and Romanesque churches.

Visit Zadar and see all that it has to offer on our 7 Night Deluxe Cruise. 


Unforgettable Croatia, Hvar, Brac, Korcula


One of the most popular islands in Croatia, Hvar is a dazzling cosmopolitan island that’s become famous for its yacht-filled marina, and a scene that caters to the rich and famous, with lots of fine dining restaurants, high-end resorts and vibrant nightlife. But it’s also a place filled with history and striking beauty. Stand in the town square and you’ll be surrounded by historic delights like the majestic Cathedral of St. Stephen, built on the site of an early 6th-century Christian church and later, Benedictine convent. Visit the oldest community theater in Europe, which opened its doors in 1612, and the medieval hilltop fortress, which provides a fabulous panoramic vista over the harbor. The natural scenery is striking too, with many postcard-perfect beaches and secluded coves for swimming, endless lavender fields and picturesque vineyards producing delicious island wines.

Check out our Food & Wine Tours here>

Pakleni Islands

As you gaze out from Hvar Town, you’ll see the beautiful chain of wooded islands known as the Paklenis stretched out before you. Home to hidden beaches and deserted lagoons, they make for a popular sailing or sea kayaking excursion from Hvar. St. Clement is the largest isle, though all are famous for their wild natural beauty that can only be accessed by watercraft. Whether you join a tour, rent a boat or hop on a taxi boat from Hvar, you surely won’t be disappointed. Vinogradisce Bay with its surreal aquamarine shade is surrounded by green pines for shade, making it especially popular as well as being a great base for taking advantage of some of the island’s outstanding restaurants.


The island of Brac is famous worldwide for Zlatni Rat beach (also known as the Golden Horn). This unusual stretch is constantly changing shape depending on the tide, currents and wind. Considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, if not the world, it’s surrounded by crystal-clear waters in a myriad of hues, from turquoise to deep blue, framed by mature shady pines.
Brac is also home to one of Croatia’s prettiest villages, Pucisca, a small town on its northern coast known for its quarries and stone. The glistening white stone is indigenous to the island, with not only the local homes made from it, sitting alongside impressive Baroque buildings and Renaissance palaces, but some have even been used to build ancient Roman palaces and many notable landmarks like the White House in Washington, DC. The island hosts the only stonemasonry school in the country, with students here specializing in sculptures carved from the local limestone using traditional tools.

Visit Brac on our 7 Night Signature Dubrovnik to Split Cruise. 


Korčula may be a small island but it makes a big impression with its unspoiled sand beaches, charming villages, olive groves, vineyards and emerald forests, all surrounded by some of the most vivid blue waters you’ve ever seen. Not only is its scenery jaw-dropping, but it’s allegedly the birthplace of intrepid explorer Marco Polo. The especially captivating historic core of Korčula Town is sometimes called a “mini-Dubrovnik” with its countless medieval delights. It was once controlled by the Venetians, with plenty of glimpses of the past that can be witnessed by strolling its maze of atmospheric streets, laid out in a fishbone pattern to help protect residents from the elements. Along the outer wall, now a promenade, visitors can take in especially beautiful views. In the summer, watch impressive Moreska sword dance performers, and anytime of the year, enjoy dining at one of the many outstanding eateries serving traditional Dalmatian cuisine followed by nightlife in the lively bars and clubs.

Join our Taste of Dalmatia tour and enjoy local cuisine in Korčula.

Mljet, Vis, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Unforgettable Croatia


Known as the greenest and one of the most enchanting of all the Croatian isles, the majority of Mljet is covered by dense forest, with the remainder made up of quaint villages, vineyards, fields, sandy shoreline and saltwater lakes. While its national park, established in 1960, put it on the map among tourists, it’s managed to remain practically untouched, with nearly all visitors heading to the area around touristy Pomena. The rest retains a magical air of tranquility, something said to have seduced Odysseus for seven years. It has a rich history, with tombs, fortifications and a grand Roman palace, the largest after only Diocletian’s Palace, too. Visitors can enjoy the two salted lakes that are popular for swimming, and the islet in the middle of Great Lake that hosts a 12th-century monastery.

Experience the beauty of the stunning lakes at the remote Mljet National Park on our 7 Night Signature Cruise.


The furthest island from Croatia’s central coast, for nearly four decades, Vis served as a Yugoslav Army base and was deserted by many of the locals while being closed off to outside visitors. The result today is an especially peaceful destination that’s ideal for travelers seeking an unspoiled, authentic Croatian island. Some of the most exclusive wines are made here, while restaurant menus often serve fresh, local seafood that pair perfectly with the tasty vino like Vugava and Plavac. Discover secluded bays and beautiful beaches ideal for a relaxing afternoon on our Signature cruises to Vis. Stop by Stiniva Cove where you can snorkel in the clear aquamarine waters and swim alongside loggerhead turtles or even bottlenose dolphins.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

One of Croatia’s most famous, most photographed and impressive natural wonders, Plitvice Lakes National Park has become an iconic symbol of its enchanting beauty. A maze of waterfalls and lakes that range in shades from brilliant emerald to deep blue, all surrounded by lush greenery, it’s a true fantasy-like scene. It’s also abundant in flora and fauna, home to 126 recorded bird species, along with brown bears, wolves, red deer and lynx. Visitors can immerse themselves among the lakes and cascades by strolling the wooden walkways and bridges, hop on a boat for a tranquil ride across, or board a train that circles the park for another dazzling perspective. You can visit the Plitvice Lakes with us on our 10 day Cruise & Land Package.

Unforgettable Croatia, Rovinj, Rab, Sibenik, Krka National Park


Located on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula, rising up dramatically in the hills above the Adriatic, Rovinj has a particularly alluring, romantic feel, perhaps in part due to the strong Venetian influence. The most Italian town in Croatia, the St. Euphemia Church tower marks its highest point, while the cobbled streets below are delightfully winding, with something to discover around early every corner, from art galleries, lively bars and eateries to ancient crumbling houses and colorful facades.


Located at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula, the seaside city of Pula is home to one of Croatia’s most famous sights, a well-preserved 1st-century Roman amphitheater that’s among the world’s largest surviving Roman arenas. In ancient times, it drew many to watch gladiator flights, and today, it’s the only one that remains with four side towers and all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved. Visitors can explore many other ancient sites, like the 1st-century BC Hercules Gate, the oldest standing Roman monument; the Triumphal Arch of the Sergii and the Forum, where in Roman times it served as the main square. Today it’s a bustling piazza with a host of    cafes.


Situated off the northern coast in Kvaner Bay, Rab is known as the “island of love” as well as being one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic. Enclosed within ancient city walls, this is the place where King Edward VIII famously took his new wife Wallis Simpson, casting off his regal attire and jumping right into the sea, taking part in the isle’s nudist-friendly tradition. That same, let-loose, laid-back ambiance stretches to the gorgeous beaches, with the small town itself filled with historic charms, a landscape of church towers and terracotta roofs. It’s fun to simply wander the stone streets, discovering medieval palaces, Romanesque churches, ancient facades, and the 16th-century monastery. Join our deluxe cruise to Opatija and stop off at Rab along the way to try the island’s traditional sweet: Rab cakes.


Croatia’s least developed island, Cres has a very small population, wowing visitors with its incredible beauty that includes remote wilderness terrain with hills covered in oak forests, majestic cliffs, olive groves, vineyards and pristine beaches. There are abandoned hamlets, crumbling hilltop towns and fantastic bird watching opportunities, with the island known for its griffon population. Cres town brings visitors on a walk through the past, having been inhabited since the Paleolithic era, touched by Romans, Byzantines, the first independent Croatians, and Venetians.

If you are interested in learning about Croatia’s history, check out our Croatia Heritage Tours here>

Sibenik and Krka National Park

Sibenik is an enchanting walled city on the coastal mainland, established more than 1,000 years ago. It’s famous as the home of one of the region’s largest and most important cathedrals, the Gothic-Renaissance Cathedral of St. James as well as serving as a popular base for exploring nearby Krka National Park. The park is filled with mesmerizing waterfalls like Skradinski Buk with its tranquil pool below ideal for a refreshing swim.

Why not come and discover Croatia for yourself? Call our travel experts on +1 (844) 879 7838 to start planning your Croatian Cruise today.

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One of the world’s top vacation destinations, the things you hope to do while in Croatia can shape your trip into one that’s especially unforgettable. Whether you’re looking to spend your days chilling out on awesome beaches and enjoying water sports, strolling medieval streets with their grand centuries-old architecture, embarking on an adventure-filled trip that brings canyoning, biking, kayaking, swimming or even off-road experiences, or perhaps indulge in a foodie-focused excursion complete with winery visits, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this spectacular country.

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Read our latest Croatia travel guide to discover our travel tips and find out what the best tourist attractions in Croatia are:

Unforgettable Croatia, Croatia

Learn to Cook Authentic Dalmatian Cuisine

The wide range of culinary experiences available in Croatia provide the opportunity to learn about the country’s traditional foods and recreate authentic Dalmatian dishes while getting a glimpse of authentic daily life. There are multiple destinations where this is possible, including Split, featured on the Taste of Dalmatia Tour. A private gourmet food tour in this magnificent city that dates back some 1,700 years, starts with a trip to its Green Market to buy ingredients that will be part of a meal you’ll put together, led by an expert guide. Learn about the foods on offer and then after your ingredients are gathered, you’ll get a cooking lesson from one of the talented local chefs, putting together your very own delicious traditional Dalmatian meal, accompanied with tasty Croatian wine.

Join a Truffle Hunting and Tasting Tour, Motovun Forest

The Istrian Peninsula is famous for its wine and food, including truffles, particularly in the city of Motovun. This enchanting little walled town sits on a hill in the Mirna Valley, while the Motovun Forest at its base has a fairytale-like quality that’s known for its abundance of truffles. You’ll find this delicacy on many menus in the area, often combined in creative dishes like mini-cheese cakes with shaved truffles and a variety of pastas – but searching for your own is something that’s really a must here. In fact, the world’s largest white truffle was found in the forest of Istria. While it isn’t something you can just go out and find in an afternoon, truffle hunting excursions provide the opportunity to head out with the experts and their specially trained dogs, who have secret spots in the dense forest for discovering these treasures that are said to be an aphrodisiac. Some of the tours available even include the chance to learn how to prepare truffles and sample a dish made with them too.

Capture the Stunning Lakes and Falls of Plitvice Lakes National Park from Land, Water and Rail

One of the most photographed and most visited destinations in all of Croatian, Plitvice Lakes National Park is regularly found on travel bucket lists. Filled with striking natural beauty so remarkable it looks as if it was somehow Photoshopped, it boasts 16 interconnected terraced lakes and cascading waterfalls in a myriad of vivid blue and green shades, all framed by lush greenery. The Highlights of Croatia Tour features this UNESCO World Heritage Site, allowing visitors to stroll the wooden walkways and cross bridges to capture their own postcard-perfect photos up close before taking in a variety of other perspectives, including a panorama of the scenery from the train that circles the park or by gliding across the water on an electric boat.

Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia
Explore Game of Thornes Locations

Fans of “Game of Thrones” are probably well aware that Croatia was often used as a filming site for scenes in the hit HBO series, making a visit to this country a perfect excuse to explore them while experiencing its long list of other delights on a Game of Thrones Tour. The Dubrovnik Old Town was used extensively as King’s Landing, and you can visit the City of Qarth on guided trip to the stunning locations and historic sites as you walk the charming cobbled streets. You’ll recognize many places you’ve seen on screen, like Pile Gate and the Jesuit Steps, now infamous worldwide as the spot where Cersei took her “walk of fame.” In the ancient city of Split, wander through majestic fortresses that formed the city of Meereen which is where many interior shots were filmed, and then head to the small town of Klis where exteriors were shot of its fortress, a medieval castle that towers above.

Marvel at Zadar’s Unique Light Installations

The 3,000-year-old walled city of Zagreb, featured on the Highlights of Croatia Tour, is one of Croatia’s less-visited cities, but it boasts many delights, including many fascinating museums and galleries to visit, a rich history and a remarkable mix of classical Viennese secessionist architecture and Austro-Hungarian heritage, along with a ton of offerings for art lovers. It’s especially well-known for its seafront promenade where locals and visitors enjoy gathering to watch one of the world’s most glorious sunsets, and experience the unique light installations created by artist Nikola Bašić. The Sea Organ is made up of about three dozen pipes, fitted into the pavement, creating music with the power of the waves. The Greeting to the Sun is a 72-foot-wide work of art that represents the solar system. Driven by the sun, at sunrise, the cells beneath its glass panels generate enough electricity for it to illuminate. By sunset, those cells have enough power to light up the waterfront – truly a sight to behold.

Swim Under Waterfalls

Krka National Park sits just outside of the historic city of Sibenik and boasts some of the most jaw-dropping beauty in all of Croatia. The Passion on the Adriatic Tour will bring you here where you can walk meandering pathways and across wooden bridges through this natural wonder to admire the Skradinski Buk falls. And, you’ll even be able to swim beneath and alongside the stunning cascades, immersing yourself in the enticing emerald waters of the Roski Slap area, a place that looks like a dream.

Croatia., Unforgettable Croatia
Experience the Magic of the Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is one of the world’s most extraordinary natural phenomena. Often listed among Croatia’s must-experiences, when visiting this cave on the island of Bisevo under the right conditions, you’ll see it illuminated in a surreal blue glow that’s created by light refraction with the sun’s rays enter through a crack in the rock. It can only be visited by boat, an excursion that’s part of tours like the Highlights of Croatia which even includes the opportunity to jump from the cliffs, diving into the crystal-clear aquamarine waters in hidden coves, as well as explore other caves nearby.

Sea Kayaking

Croatia’s turquoise waters are ideal for sea kayaking excursions. If you like to paddle, you’ll have multiple options, including the Croatia Lakes & Cities Vacation which features this adventure that travels to the charming seaside town of Brela. Located about an hour south along the coast from Split, it faces the island of Brac with its crystalline, tranquil waters not only ideal for kayaking, but for swimming and snorkeling, while pristine pebble beaches that stretch for nearly four miles, linked together like a necklace, are wonderful for a peaceful soak Mediterranean sun, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery.

If you are visiting Dubrovnik and want to get a different perspective of the city’s magnificent medieval walls from the outside, you may want to join the Passion on the Adriatic Tour which includes a guided sea kayaking trip from the old port. You’ll paddle alongside the imposing city walls before heading to remote beaches that can only be reached by small watercraft, enjoying a break to snorkel or swim. Paddling on to Lokrum Island, there you’ll be able to experience a lush nature reserve where colorful peacocks and adorable bunnies roam around before heading to a hidden beach cave that can only be accessed by sea.

Cycle Through the Scenic Konavle Region

The scenic Konavle region is ideal for exploring on two wheels and a fun way to explore Croatia. Located just outside Dubrovnik, this enchanting hidden area lies between the borders of Bosnia and Montenegro. Especially popular among wine enthusiasts, a cycling tour available via the Croatia Lakes & Cities Vacation, travels by lush herb gardens, picturesque vineyards and rushing rivers. Along the way, you’ll learn about the region’s history, cultural and wine production, including its endemic grape known as malvazija that produces a wonderful white wine. At the end of your bike tour, you’ll be able to sample some of the tasty locally produced wines.

Climb and Swim Through Cetina River Canyon

One of the most heart-pounding adventures you can have in Croatia is to embark on a canyoning experience in Cetina Canyon near Split. The Dalmatian Family Adventure offers this exhilarating day guided by professionals who provide expert instruction, giving you everything you need to make the most of the excursion in this remarkable historic and archaeological site. You’ll go deep underground into tunnels and to the ledges of cliffs, climbing and swimming while surrounded by stunning rugged landscapes, cascading falls, calm pools and crystal-clear lakes.

Zip Lining Over the Breathtaking Plitvice Lakes Region

In Croatia you can also enjoy what’s become one of the world’s favorite adventure sports: zip lining. And here, you’ll be able to do it while taking in a bird’s-eye view of the awe-inspiring Plitvice Lakes landscape. Included on the Croatia Lakes & Cities Vacation, the fun begins with a thrilling ride across the Korana River and canyon which lie adjacent to the national park. Don’t worry if you’ve never embarked on this unforgettable thrill before as expert instructors will teach you all you need to know before soaring across the nearly 1,000-foot-long zip line at speeds of 40 miles per hour or more.

Swim the Shores of One of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches: Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat as often been described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Also referred to as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn for its unique and ever-changing shape that’s transformed by the waves and the wind, the long strip created by deposits of fine pebbles that spread like a small tongue as far as a third of a mile into the sea, is popular for boat excursions and small-ship cruise stops. Edged by glistening blue-green waters, you won’t want to miss taking a refreshing dip along the shore.

Unforgettable Croatia, Croatia

Cruise Across Mljet Island’s Great Salt Lake to an Ancient Monastery

When traveling to Croatia, make sure you visit the famous Mljet National Park on a cruise or on a day trip and you can experience its famous salt lakes along with lush scenery and an especially tranquil ambiance. Much of this virtually car-free island is protected by national park to preserve it as it was since the dawn of time. You can explore the national park by foot on the many hiking trails on offer. By taking the short boat ride across the waters of Great Lake, the largest of the two, you can visit the tiny islet of St. Mary in the middle that hosts a historic church and 12th-century Benedictine monastery.

Climb to the Top of Hvar Town’s Fortress

There are many island hopping tours, including the Passion on the Adriatic, that will bring you to the sunny island of Hvar, a favorite among Croatian travelers. Hvar Town enjoys a backdrop of the sparkling Adriatic and glistening white homes, providing Old World Mediterranean charms. For the very best view over it all, climb to the top of Fortica Fortress. Towering above all the mega-yachts in the harbor is this Spanish fortress, built in the early 16th-century, saving the local population when much of the island was destroyed by the Turkish in 1571. Worth the effort, your ascent will be rewarded with a panorama of the island-dotted sea and the maze of winding streets lined with fine dining restaurants, enticing cafes and shops selling unique artisan crafts.

Embark on a Jeep Safari Tour on Hvar

Hvar is a Croatian island which is worth exploring in-depth, including its more remote, hidden towns and villages that are dotted around the island. You can do just that by joining a Jeep Safari Tour, enjoying the ride while gazing out at ancient stone walls, vineyards and endless lavender fields that reveal the reason why shops on the island carry a wide range of lavender products.

Wine Tasting, Oyster Harvesting and Feasting on the Peljesac Peninsula

There’s no doubt that Croatia was made for food and wine lovers, and if you’re among them, you won’t want to miss the opportunity for wine tasting, oyster harvesting and feasting on the Peljesac Peninsula. Join the Taste of Dalmatia Tour and you’ll be led by one of the most sought-after sommelier wine guides for an unforgettable excursion to the country’s primary wine region. It includes visits to two top wineries and sipping locally-produced wines complemented by cheeses, olive oils and parma hams. Afterward, you’ll learn how to harvest oysters and then indulge in the delicacies straight from the sea.

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June 28th, 2019

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There are many beautiful green open spaces and elegant parks in the heart of Zagreb. These lush areas of foliage strikingly contrast with the urban city’s magnificent monuments, architecture and historic culture. To enjoy a uniquely different vacation in Croatia explore the well-trodden routes around the city, and admire cultivated greenery and scenery in the parks and semi-wild forests that lead you directly to Medvednica Mountain.

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Zrinjevac park, Unforgettable Croatia

Explore The City’s Greenscapes

When it comes to park life in Zagreb’s Lower Town you really are spoilt for choice. There are 7 stunning parks that are interwoven into a green horseshoe shape. Zrinjevac Park is a popular place to begin your exploration of the city’s greenscapes. The park also hosts outdoor events and festivals throughout the year.

The U-shaped Lenuci’s trail takes you on a tour of fragrant flowerbeds and directs you to a lush lily covered pond. Find yourself a shady spot under a leafy tree and spent some quality time daydreaming about your exciting adventures in Croatia. Stop off for a while at the Botanical Garden. The elegant garden boasts an English-style arboretum, and over 10,000 plant species.

If you prefer to spend time in a stunning natural beauty spot that is a little more intimate in size, head for Rokovo. The tiny peaceful and tranquil park has a charming sculptured fountain and is home to the 17th century Church of St Roch.

Unforgettable Croatia, Zagreb

Visit The Oldest Park In Zagreb

Established in 1787, Maksimir is the oldest public park in the city of Zagreb. The park was originally designed to give the local people somewhere beautiful to relax and unwind. The preserved park covers 316 hectares and is modeled on the open green spaces of the English countryside.

This majestic public greenscape of Maksimir is part of Croatia’s cultural heritage and also home to an impressive collection of plant and animal species. The park’s densely forested areas are surrounded with tree-lined avenues. When you pay a visit, you can also discover its 5 lakes, numerous follies, mock Swish chalet, children’s playground and café.

Go Wild In The Wild

Zagreb’s fabulous Tuškanac Forest invites you to reconnect with nature. The semi-wild scenic spot has no landscaped lawns or signposts to show you the way. On your ramble around Tuškanac Forest, you can completely lose yourself and explore the forgotten wilderness that boasts nooks and winding trails. The expansive woody green area forms the early slope of Medvednica Mountain and presents nature at its very best.

Many of Zagreb’s local residents head for Jelenovac Forest whenever they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city. The verdant forest covers around 50 hectares, and is named after an influential 14th century judge’s son, who once owned the land.

The forest has plenty of marked walking trails that lead you to breathtaking areas where you can see ornamental like arrangements of gigantic oak, beech and acacia trees. Pack up a tasty picnic and hunt out your perfect relaxation zone in Jelenovac Forest.

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June 11th, 2019

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