The 9 Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

On the hunt for the best restaurants in Dubrovnik, Croatia? You’ll be pleased to learn that there are certainly plenty to choose from! Whatever you’re craving in this beautiful medieval city, its phenomenal food scene is sure to impress.

The range of cuisines includes but is in no way limited to traditional Dalmatian, Italian and Asian. While this is great news for those of you in the midst of planning a vacation to Croatia, it can make deciding where to eat each night that little bit more complicated once you’re here. 

To help you narrow down your choices and make the decision a bit easier, we have put together a list of the nine best restaurants in Dubrovnik for you to try during your trip.

1. Taj Mahal

Filo Cheese Pastry
Mussels 700x400

Don’t be fooled by the name, the Taj Mahal is one of the best restaurants in Old Town Dubrovnik for sampling traditional Bosnian dishes. This wonderful eatery can be found hidden along the area’s enchanting cobblestone streets.

From the second you enter its doors, the Taj Mahal immerses you in a traditional Bosnian experience. Sedvah music will greet you as the smell of traditional cuisine wafts through from the kitchen. As you sit down, you will see how the building’s authentic Bosnian architecture blends perfectly with its stylish modern features.

One thing to bear in mind is that the Taj Mahal is a little small, meaning that it can fill up pretty quickly. So, try to get here early to secure an inside table. However, do not fear if you’ve left it a little late as you might be lucky enough to grab a spare table on the stone-paved street at the front of the eatery.

The Taj Mahal is a unique place to eat in Dubrovnik that swaps out typical Dalmatian seafood dishes for hearty, free-range meat dishes served alongside delicious veggies sourced from local farms. Keep a special eye out for its Begović čorba (creamy chicken soup with vegetables) and dreamy zeljanica (spinach and cheese filo-pastry pies).

2. Orsan Yacht Club


Orsan Yacht Club is another of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik. Located along the shimmering harbor of Lapad Marina, prepare to enjoy stunning seafront views as you dine on some of the freshest seafood in the city.

With a relaxed and understated ambience, Orsan makes the perfect place to retreat to if you’re craving a break from the hustle and bustle of the city’s more popular landmarks and craving a peaceful meal by the water’s edge. 

When it comes to the setting, you can expect to be treated to panoramic views over the harbor’s turquoise waters as sailboats and yachts pass through. No wonder it’s seen as one of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik with a view.

Prepare to enjoy a fantastic range of exquisitely cooked local dishes during your visit to Orsan including black risotto, octopus salad and salt-baked fish. Yet, one of the highlights of this wonderful eatery is its oysters. They are sourced from the neighboring town of Ston. 

So, you can rest assured that these beauties will arrive just about as fresh as they come!

3. Stara Loza

Tuna Tar Tar

If you’re seeking the best restaurants in Dubrovnik Old Town with a view, look no further than Stara Loza. Prepare to dine amongst some historic eye candy at this establishment, with jaw-dropping views over the area’s famous medieval architecture.

Located on the third floor of the stylish hotel of Prijeko Palace in the Braichi Palace, the building itself is a work of art. It traces back to 1470 and is a historic masterpiece. 

You may even be lucky enough to bag a seat on its rooftop terrace and look down over the sea of terracotta roofs of the beautiful Old Town below. However, you will need to book if you fancy this option! 

Fear not if you’re feeling a bit more laissez-faire and don’t fancy making a reservation, there are also plenty of other atmospheric dining areas in the restaurant. Sit right amongst the excitement of Dubrovnik’s limestone streets on the ground-floor terrace. 

Alternatively, you can dine in the company of the art-filled walls and Old Town views of the third-floor salon. The food itself is also sure to delight. Stara Loza has an exceptional and varied Mediterranean fusion menu. 

Expect dishes crafted from local ingredients including tuna tartar, thyme gnocchi and lamb confit with plenty of options for vegetarians. You’ll also be able to enjoy an extensive drinks menu featuring a plethora of local wines, along with colorful cocktail options.

4. Restaurant 360

Foie Gras
Walnuts and Pomegranates

Restaurant 360 is perfect for those desiring a fine dining experience. It is one of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik and the first and only one to have earned a Michelin star. 

It offers sublime Croatian cuisine right within the city walls of Dubrovnik Old Town. Upon entering, you will be greeted by a stylish interior that combines chic, modern furnishings with exposed stone walls and curtain-draped entryways.

Renowned for its meticulously crafted tasting menus, Restaurant 360 serves up creative Mediterranean dishes using fresh seafood and local ingredients.  Some of its most famous dishes include slow-cooked pork neck and pan-seared pigeon with pickled walnuts and foie gras.

However, the menu varies periodically throughout the year depending on what is in season. Should you opt for wine-pairing, a highly knowledgeable sommelier will talk you through the thoughtful reasoning behind each and every drink and why it compliments the food so exquisitely. 

As if the delicious dishes didn’t sound appealing enough, you will also be able to enjoy exceptional views over the old port during your meal. A must-visit on any luxury guide to the best restaurants in Dubrovnik, you’ll need to book a table at this sought-after restaurant in advance to have a chance at visiting this coveted spot.

5. Restaurant Proto

Shrimps in Garlic
Crab dish

As one of the best seafood restaurants in Dubrovnik, Proto is an excellent place to head to try some tasty local dishes. It is a long-standing, family-owned fish restaurant in the heart of the Old City. 

To get here, head to the main street of Dubrovnik Old Town known as Stradun, and you’ll find this eatery at the intersection of the roads named Siroka and Vara. 

The dining areas of the restaurant offer a classic romantic ambience, with tables dotted along a stunning stone-laden terrace and along the cobbled streets at the front of the building. 

The menu at Restaurant Proto is always a delight but can vary greatly depending on the fresh ingredients available on the day. Common ones include shrimps in garlic, white wine and parsley along with whole fish and crabs.

Organic vegetables grown in the gardens of Zupa Dubrovacka in Konavle and other nearby islands are often served alongside the fish. You can expect to rub shoulders with locals and tourists alike at Proto as everyone draws in to try their famously high-quality dishes. 

Specializing in serving chic Dalmation seafood, Restaurant Proto is one of the best places to eat in Dubrovnik for those seeking tasty, fresh food in a romantic setting. What’s more, it is in an incredibly handy location for those staying in the Old Town or perusing its sights.

6. Konoba Tabak

Barbecue Octopus
Sausages and Beans

Searching for a relaxed eatery serving up simple, home-cooked dishes? Konoba Tabak is one of the best local restaurants in Dubrovnik. The bistro lies just a thirty-minute walk from the Old Town and offers delicious food for an affordable price. 

The menu of the restaurant varies greatly depending on what is available on the day but all of the dishes are cooked in a laid-back barbecue style. You can expect to see options such as grilled fresh squid, beans with sausages and rolled veal roast for prices somewhere between 8 and 10

You’ll certainly be dining with locals at this bustling eatery as it is a hotspot for those in the area who venture out for some of Konoba Tabak’s traditional, no-frills cooking. 

It is one of the best affordable restaurants in Dubrovnik and the perfect place to head if you’re wanting to grab a relaxed, home-cooked meal and try Croatian food as authentic as it gets. 

7. Pantarul

Lapad Beach 700x400

Another family-run establishment, Pantarul is thought by many to be the best restaurant in Lapad, the stunning peninsula just beyond Dubrovnik Old Town. Here you will be able to sample a plethora of scrumptious local eats in an intimate setting that lends itself perfectly to couples, families and friends.

With a fusion-style menu, you’ll find a medley of Italian, French, Croatian and Asian dishes to try. There will of course be local delicacies such as risotto, fish and meat places along with plenty of other alternative options such as burgers and octopus tempura.

The variety offered at this bistro makes it an excellent option for those dining with young children or picky eaters. Pantarul was founded by the established food blogger and cookbook author, Ana Marija Bijic and is highly sought after by locals and tourists alike.

Picture cozy vibes, fresh fish delivered on the daily and locally-sourced vegetables coming together to form an elegant eatery and one of the best dinner restaurants in Dubrovnik.

8. Azur

Prawns in garlic
Spices in Dubrovnik

Azur serves up divine Dalmatian food with a unique, Asian twist. It was founded by two Dubrovnik-born brothers who originally established the eatery in Asia, before bringing it to their home city. 

You will notice a local edge to each of the dishes, many of which feature classic Dalmation seafood dishes enhanced by exotic flavors such as Thai spices and fragrant herbs. To give you a taster of the kind of things to expect, picture Szechuan chili and garlic prawns and swordfish filet in black curry sauce. 

When it comes to seating arrangements, you will either be amidst the stone floors and oriental rugs of the indoor seating or the enchanting atmosphere of the stone alleyway tables outside.

Situated close to Stradun and Buza Bar, it lies in a handy location to some of the top things to see and do in Dubrovnik Old Town and makes a wonderful place to meander to after a day of sightseeing. 

If you’re wondering where to eat in Dubrovnik and fancying something a little different, Azur might just be the place for you. 

9. Restaurant Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Old Town

Tucked away on a secluded street corner near Stradun, Restaurant Dubrovnik is perfect for a romantic meal for two. The restaurant uses local Croatian to produce vibrantly flavored Mediterranean dishes with a distinct, modern edge. 

You can choose between opting for a six or nine-course tasting menu, or playing it safe by sticking to the a la carte menu. Whichever route you go down, prepare to be left impressed. Typical highlights include scallops with polenta and baby porcini mushrooms and a lamb filet served with pistachios and thyme sauce.

Despite its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik Old Town and fine dining cuisine, Restaurant Dubrovnik has been able to retain a relaxed and understated atmosphere.

Boasting a fabulous rooftop terrace, you can dine amongst the Old Town’s famous ceramic roofs and gaze down at the mosaic of historic landmarks and cobbled alleys below. As night falls, you will be able to enjoy the romance of dining under the stars.


As such an established haven for food lovers, deciding where to eat in Dubrovnik can prove a difficult task. The streets of this stunning city are lined with exceptional places to dine that cater to an endless range of tastes and preferences.

You might be seeking the restaurants with the best views in Dubrovnik, or a relaxed eatery serving up home-cooked meals. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to be fall in love with all that this spectacular city has to offer.

Fancy visiting the wonderful restaurants of Dubrovnik? Let an expert guide lead the way on a private tour. Along with visiting all of the top landmarks in the city, they will share insider tips on the best places to eat and drink. After exploring Dubrovnik, head on a  small ship cruise to see the hidden gems that lie within the country’s picturesque cities, towns and islands.

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