The 8 Best Places to Go Hiking in Croatia

Wondering where to hike in Croatia? Prepare to be spoilt for choice. The country is home to a magnificent array of landscapes that are just waiting to be explored, from breathtaking national parks to stunning coastal walks. 

As a destination so highly renowned for its beauty, it’s only natural for active travelers to be left wondering where the best places to go hiking in Croatia are. Thanks to the spectrum of landscapes on offer in the country, you’ll find treks for all experience levels.

For those of you wondering where to go in Croatia for hiking, we have lined up the 8 best destinations, including everything from Plitvice Lakes National Park to Mount Srd in Dubrovnik.

Where to Go In Croatia for Hiking

Dalmatian Coast

Wondering where to hike in Croatia? You’re in for a treat! The picturesque country boasts a remarkably varied landscape which includes spectacular waterfalls and dazzling coastlines, along with mighty peaks. We have shared some of the best areas to go hiking in Croatia below. 


The mountainous region of Lika is renowned for being one of the best places to go hiking in Croatia. It is here that you will find some of the country’s most incredible peaks, including the famous Velebit Mountains.

The area is also home to Plitvice Lakes National Park. One of the most unusual places to visit in Croatia, it is home to 16 interconnected lakes, over 90 waterfalls and acres upon acres of verdant woodland. 

Dalmatia Region

The Dalmatia Region is also home to many of the best hiking trails in Croatia. It is here that you will find the highest peak in the country, Sinjal. Also known as Dinara, it stands at a magnificent height of 1831 m and forms the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You’ll be able to enjoy glorious views over the Dalmatian Coast at Sinjal. The region boasts a fantastic array of mountains to climb, leaving you with an abundance of walking routes to choose from. With so many fantastic areas to explore, Dalmatia is certainly one of the best places to stay to go hiking in Croatia.

Hiking in Croatia: The Best 8 Hikes

Hiking in Velebit National Park
Walking Going Across Water, Croatia

We have lined up the top walking routes for those of you looking for those of you seeking the best places in Croatia for hiking.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park Loops

As one of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatia, it comes as no surprise that Plitvice Lakes National Park scores high. The UNESCO-protected site is one of the country’s oldest and largest parks and is nothing short of breathtaking. 

Plitvice is a maze of tumbling waterfalls and turquoise lakes, making it an enchanting place to explore. Amongst the lush vegetation and aquamarine waters, you’ll find eight different walking routes. While some take a whole day, others can be completed within two hours.

Consider how much time you have to spare and decide on a route accordingly. The circular C loop is regarded as one of the best hiking routes in Croatia. Flat and beginner-friendly, this trek goes through many of the most stunning areas of the park, along with its top swimming spots.

One thing to bear in mind if you’re looking to do the C loop is that the ground can be quite slippery in places, meaning you will need to be wearing appropriate footwear. 

North Velebit National Park, Croatia
North Velebit National Park

2. Velebit Hiking Trail

If you have a few days to fill and are wanting to check out the best hiking trails in Croatia, look no further than Velebit. The scenic route extends approximately 100 kilometers and offers a magnificent display of the country’s landscape at its finest

Velebit is the largest mountain range in Croatia, with a length of  145 kilometres and a width of 30 kilometers. This leaves you with a lot of terrain to explore. The Velebit Hiking Trail is thought to be one of the best routes in the area.  

Along the way, you’ll pass by quaint rural villages, majestic mountains and undulating verdant hills. The highest part of Velebit is called Vaganski Peak and is located in Paklenica. The terrain in this area is incredibly fascinating, with striking canyons and rugged rock formations. 

It is split into 9 sections and you’ll find accommodation options at the end of each one, including little mountain huts. From your cosy sanctuary, you’ll have sensational views over the forests below. One thing to bear in mind is that these mountain huts are very popular amongst visitors, so be sure to book early.


3. Plješivica Mountain Hike

Those of you with some walking experience under your belt may want to tackle Plješivica Mountain. Prepare to embark on one of the best hiking trips in Croatia, crossing unstable terrain and steep climbs to see some of the country’s most beautiful natural scenery.

With such testing conditions, you will definitely want to pack some sturdy walking boots when trekking up Plješivica Mountain. You may also want to bring walking poles for extra support. Much of the route involves going through thick forests home to fascinating creatures and plant life. 

The shade of the vegetation also offers wonderful respite when temperatures are high, making Plješivica Mountain one of the best places to go hiking in Croatia on a hot sunny day. Towards the end of the journey, you’ll come across an old military facility which makes for a fascinating area to investigate. 

The final section of the trail will take you to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and promises glorious views over the surrounding vegetation and forestry. 

Milna Coastal Walk

4. Milna Coastal Walk

Nestled along the glimmering waters of the Makarska Riviera between Tucepi and Makarska Old Town lies Nugal. The magnificent natural bay is absolutely stunning and is claimed by many to be the most beautiful beach in Croatia.

Picture bright, turquoise waters sheltered by rugged headlands and backdropped by the red-streaked cliffs of the Biokovo mountains. Nearby lies the town of Makarska, renowned for its buzzing nightlife scene. 

Those looking to go hiking in Croatia and pondering about tackling the Biokovo mountain range will also find Nugal Beach to be a great base. You may wish to spend a few days enjoying the area’s spectacular coastal scenery before embarking on your trekking adventure. 

One thing to bear in mind when visiting Nugal is that it is naturist-friendly which may or may not be up your street. If you do choose to visit this wonderful shoreline, prepare to be left in awe of the beauty of one of the best beaches to visit in Croatia.

Tourist overlooking Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik cable car

5. Mount Srd Trail

Get the finest view of one of the most beautiful places in Croatia by going up Mount Srd. The glorious peak lies just behind Dubrovnik and offers sensational views over the city’s terracotta roofs and glittering coastline.

The route extends 5 km and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. While the stunning views along the Mount Srd Trail are sure to capture everyone’s attention, this is a particularly great trek for Game of Thrones fans.

You will be treated to phenomenal vistas over the Old Town of Dubrovnik which is home to a plethora of the series’ most famous filming locations. Stand-out Game of Thrones landmarks include Fort Lovrijenac, otherwise known as the Red Keep in King’s Landing, and the West Pier which featured Blackwater Bay.

There is limited shade on offer along the Mount Srd Trail so be sure to bring a hat and wear plenty of sunscreen. Upon reaching the top, you’ll be rewarded with glorious views over Dubrovnik, leaving it no wonder why this is one of the top hiking trips in Croatia.

Vidova Gora
Vidova Gora

6. Vidova Gora Trail

Vidova Gora Trail on Brac Island will take you up to another of the best hiking mountains in Croatia, Vidova Gora. The route is well-signposted and begins on a paved pathway in the village of Bol, before taking you along a rugged mountain track lined with wildflowers, sheep and olive trees. 

The trail is 900 meters in total and can and is rather steep at times. After all, Vidova Gora is the highest point on the Adriatic Islands. For these reasons, you will definitely want to be somewhat experienced to tackle this peak.  

Those who do will be met with glorious views over the Adriatic region, from its shimmering waters to its unspoilt islands. With such majestic vistas on offer, it’s only natural that the Vidova Gora Trail is considered one of the best hiking routes in Croatia.

Vošac Peak Hike
Vošac Peak Hike

7. Vošac Peak Hike

Nestled within the captivating Biokovo Nature Park, Vosac Peak stands tall as one of the most difficult hiking routes in Croatia. Adventurers from far and wide are drawn to this renowned destination, driven by the desire to conquer Biokovo, one of the highest mountain ranges in the country. 

You will face steep ascents and rocky terrain right from the outset along this 38 km route which begins in the stunning seaside city of Makarska. After tackling the initial incline, you will follow a rugged winding path. 

This is when the route gets particularly steep and demanding on the calves. However, after a few hours of perseverance, you will reach the glorious summit and be rewarded with glorious views over Croatia and Italy.

Vosac Peak Hike takes between 6 and 8 hours in total. You will find Croatia hiking tours offering to take you on this trek, along with having the option to do it unaccompanied. No matter which approach you go for,  you’ll need to bring plenty of water, snacks and sun protection.

Via Dinarica
Via Dinarica

8. The Via Dinarica White Trail

The Via Dinarica White Trail is one of the most beautiful places to go hiking in Croatia. The route begins in the south of Slovenia and leads you the whole way across to the north of Albania. Quite demanding at times, you will definitely want to be quite experienced before doing this trail.

It’s not just the length or unstable terrain that tests walkers on this route.  Being relatively new, several parts of the trail are not very well maintained and are barely signposted. Your navigational skills and GPS will certainly be put to the test.

The Via Dinarica White Trail extends 1,261 km in total and takes around 410 hours to complete. Those who brave this scenic route will be rewarded with phenomenal views across the Balkans as they traverse many of the most stunning sections of the Dinaric Alps. 

With so much glorious scenery to take in, it’s no wonder why The Via Dinarica White Trail is regarded as one of the best hikes in Croatia. 


If you’re planning a hiking trip to Croatia and wondering where to go, you’ll find plenty of glorious routes across the country.  Choices include climbing above one of the country’s most famous cities, hiking across national parks and tackling majestic mountain ranges.

The stunningly diverse landscape is sure to have something for you, no matter your skill or experience level. While the iconic Vosac Peak is fantastic for advanced walkers, the Milna Coastal Walk is the best coastal day hike in Croatia for beginners.

Wanting to explore the glorious landscapes of Croatia? Have a look at our wonderful range of tours and small ship cruises that take you to all of the best spots in the country, from glorious national parks to stunning hidden coves. Contact us now to begin planning your dream vacation to Croatia.

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