The 9 Best Beaches in Croatia for Couples

Croatia is home to more than 400 beaches across its Adriatic shores and islands. Each one has its own unique feel, making it a desirable destination for any beach loving couple. 

As a couple, it can be difficult to work out which beaches will be best suited to your ideal vacation. Some are tourist hotspots chock full of watersports and beach bars, whilst others are idyllic isolated escapes. 

No matter your preferences, there will certainly be a beach for you and your significant other. In this post, we highlight nine of the best beaches in Croatia for couples, whether it’s your first trip away together or you’re jetting off on your honeymoon.

Pasjaca - Popovici 


If you are seeking a romantic hideaway for your Croatia vacation then you should visit Pasjača Beach. This shingle beach is further afield than the busier hotspots, so getting there requires some planning, but the remote paradise it offers makes it worth the effort. 

Located 29km south of Dubrovnik and 12km from Cavtat, this beach is easily accessible by boat on a small charter. You can also reach it by car or taxi from Cavtat and there is parking available nearby. 

The 80m stretch of beach is surrounded by cliffs and its remote location provides a more intimate beach experience. There is a steep set of stairs leading down to the beach that offers wondrous views of the Adriatic.

You and your partner can lounge in the natural shade provided by the rocky cliffs and take a leisurely swim in the blue waters to cool off. The beach remains untouched by modern life so you won’t find any amenities here, but Pasjača is a great place to set up a romantic picnic by the sea.

Rt Kamenjak - Premantura 

Cape Kamenjak
Cape Kamenjak

Just south of Pula, you can find Rt Kamenjak, a natural park on the Premantura peninsula. This is a great spot for a romantic day out with its pristine beaches and clear blue waters. It remains relatively untouched so you can easily find a quiet spot to settle down and sunbathe. 


You can spend hours here exploring the coastline and climbing the cliffs. If you are feeling adventurous, you should try the local pastime of cliff diving. It will certainly make your romantic holiday all the more memorable! 


There is so much to do on Rt Kamenjak. You can rent bikes and ride across the trails together as you take in the natural beauty of pine and fruit trees. You can also get a glimpse of the amazing wildlife like sea otters and even dolphins. There is even a quirky Safari Bar where you can grab a drink and some lunch and meet other couples and tourists who have come to experience the natural ambiance of Rt Kamenjak.

Rucica – Pag Island

On Pag Island, you’ll find Ručica Beach. This partially wild beach with sand and shingle is a great place for couples who want to get away from the crowds on their vacation.


You won’t find many amenities here, which is part of the beach’s charm. The nearest city is Novalja and the town of Metajna is just 1km away. The beach is usually very quiet, even in the peak summer season. 


You can reach Ručica by car or on foot if you want to make an adventure of it. Upon arrival, you will be treated to picturesque views of the inviting sapphire waters. 

There is a bar at this beach where you can get refreshments and you will want to take advantage of the umbrella rentals, as there is no natural shade on Ručica. This is a perfect hidden gem for couples who want a more wild experience in Croatia and enjoy the calmness of untouched nature.

Punta Rata - Brela 

Punta Rata beach, Makarska

Punta Rata is regarded as one of the most beautiful pebble beaches in Croatia. It is located on the Markarska Riviera in the popular Brela tourist resort. 

It is one of the busier beaches on this list, but as such it has more activities and facilities that make it an excellent beach for couples. There are plenty of restaurants and shops along the promenade, which provide a welcome break from the hot sun. The beach is also lined with verdant pine trees, offering ample shade.  

Punta Rata has all the offerings of a great beach, with activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, and paragliding to satisfy the adventurous. Couples can enjoy snorkeling and exploring the serene underwater sights. You can even swim up to Brela Rock, which is an iconic landmark of Punta Rata. 

If you want a more secluded space to spend time with your partner, you can take a short walk past Brela Rock where you will find Podrace Cove. This stunning hidden gem is a gorgeous spot to relax in the warm water and spend time with your loved one. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the picturesque setting.  

Nugal – Makarska

Nugal Beach
Nugal Beach

Hidden between rocky cliffs and even featuring a cascading waterfall after some rain, Nugal Beach is a peaceful paradise for couples who want to soak up the sun in seclusion. The green trees and clear waters are picturesque and will delight anyone who chooses to visit. 

You won’t find many activities here since it’s so remote, but its natural beauty has more than enough appeal. Though it is famously a nudist beach, the serene atmosphere makes it perfect for any beachgoer who wants a bit of privacy. Besides, skinny dipping with your partner might be the perfect addition to your romantic getaway!

Nugal is only accessible by boat or by trekking through the Osejava Natural Park from the nearby town of Tučepi, which will take just under an hour. Because of this, there are rarely big crowds here despite it being one of the most well-known Adriatic beaches. If you’re a couple who isn’t into beach activities and tourist traps, this private pebble beach is perfect for you.

Mali Bok - Cres

Cres has so many hidden coves and beaches for couples to discover on their Croatia vacation. Mali Bok is perhaps one of the best beaches if you want to spend an intimate morning together by the sea. 


This blissful bay is very secluded, so reaching the beach can be difficult as it is only accessible by foot, but it is worth the hike. While traversing the footpath you will be treated to idyllic views of the sea. The clear water is a stunning sea green by the shore and turns into a sapphire blue as it gets deeper. 


There are no facilities here, so make sure you pack plenty of food and drink for your visit. Bringing your own parasol or umbrella will also be handy as there is no natural shade and the beach is very exposed. 


Mali Bok does get busy towards midday and the afternoon so if you want a more private experience with your partner, it is best to visit in the morning. For an especially romantic experience, take your partner here early to watch the sunrise over the sparkling water.

Pokonji Dol Beach - Hvar

Hvar is a great island for couples that features stylish bars, luxury restaurants, and some great nightlife for the party-minded. Plus, the beaches are just as trendy!


Just 1.5km outside of Hvar town is Pokonji Dol Beach. A short walk could see you at the beach in about half an hour or you could rent bikes and ride there together. 


Pokonji Dol can get quite busy as it is close to town, but the roped-off swimming area has plenty of room for you and your partner to relax in the clear water. The beach itself is the biggest cobblestone beach on Hvar but is still just as idyllic as a white sand coast. 


You will find plenty of offerings here to make your beach trip perfect, from rental sunbeds and parasols to watersports activities like paddleboats and kayaks. You can even take boats to explore nearby coves and coastlines. 


After you’ve had your beach fun, you can enjoy a catch-of-the-day meal at the Mustaco restaurant or enjoy homemade food and cocktails at the other beach restaurant, simply named Pokonji Dol.

Stiniva – Vis

Stiniva Beach
Stiniva Beach

Located on the southern coast of the island of Vis, Stiniva Beach is a natural cove steeped in beauty. The high cliffs surrounding the bay provide calming shade on the hottest of days and are the perfect height for thrill-seeking cliff jumpers. 

Stiniva is easily accessible by boat and there are many Vis tours that can get you there. There is space outside of the cove for boats to park up and then you can take a short swim to get to the beach. 

You can also reach Stiniva Beach by driving from the nearby town of Žuzeca. If you are driving you will need to hike to the beach once you’ve parked which will take about half an hour both ways. The walk is a romantic stroll through verdant cliffs and trees which will make you and your partner feel like you’re in an unspoiled paradise. 

The cove is the perfect place to sunbathe on the warm rocks and paddle in the crystal clear water. As it is a pebble beach you may want to bring a towel or blanket to lounge on together. The azure water is especially welcoming to couples who want to go snorkeling since it’s so clear. 

There is also the nearby Tavern Peruka, where you can grab refreshments and Dalmatian cuisine from breakfast to dinner. Tucked away in the cliffs, it’s a lovely, intimate spot to grab a bite on the beach. 

Paradise Beach - Rab 


We’d be remiss not to mention Rajska Plaža, also known as Paradise Beach. Situated on the island of Rab, Paradise Beach has so much to offer couples who want to have some fun in the sun. This well-maintained beach does not have the same natural allure or private setting as the others, but it makes up for that with all the amazing activities you can get involved in.


The white soft sand stretches for 2km and stands out from other pebble and shingle beaches in Croatia. The turquoise water is shallow, making it perfect for a leisurely dip together. 


The water here reaches out quite far, so there’s so much space to swim in. You can even snorkel to the small islet visible from the shore called Otočić Lukovin. 


Couples can take part in beach volleyball, whether they want to play doubles or go head-to-head. There are also beach parties and clubs that run into the early hours of the morning if you and your significant other are the party type. 


Croatia offers some of the most untouched beaches for couples who want to spend time together on stunning natural shores. But if you’re a couple that craves beach cocktails and banana boats there’s still plenty of options for you. This list only captures some of the romantic Croatian beaches for couples on vacation and there are so many more to discover.

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