Adopt A Dolphin with Blue World Institute

Unforgettable Croatia have teamed up with the Blue World Institute this year to support their marine conservation work and encourage sustainable travel in Croatia.

Blue World Institute - Adopt A Dolphin
Blue World Institute - Adopt A Dolphin

Unforgettable Croatia is committed to becoming an environmentally friendly cruise line, and in 2019 we actively reduced the use of plastics onboard our ships. We will also be donating a percentage of our annual profits to help the BWI with their research and conservation activities.

The Blue World Institute started their Adopt-a-Dolphin program in 1999, the year of their inception. All the funds raised from the program will be used to support ongoing research and conservation activities to protect bottlenose dolphins in the Adriatic. To find out more about this project, we interviewed Andrea Boric, Lošinj Marine Education Centre Manager. Here is what she had to say:

Please introduce the BWI and the partnership with Unforgettable Croatia.

The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (BWI) is an independent, non-profit organisation which carries out scientific research and conservation of large marine vertebrates of the Adriatic Sea, including bottlenose dolphins, giant devil rays and sea turtles.

We always welcome companies who are interested in collaborating with the BWI’s initiatives and supporting our core programs of marine research, education and conservation. Unforgettable Croatia’s decision to team up with the BWI as part of their wider sustainability commitment is hugely important. Their initiatives, notably including the reduction of single use plastics onboard their ships, contributes to reducing the environmental impact of tourism at a local level and helps protect the marine environment from global changes.

Why is the Adopt-a-Dolphin program important and how has it helped so far?

The funding received from our Adopt-a-Dolphin program has been beneficial in helping to increase public awareness of activities the BWI have been involved in, such as Dolphin Day – a traditional celebration in the town of Veli Lošinj. Dolphin Day has been celebrated each year since 1993 and continues to grow every year. The celebration encourages the local community to come together to learn about the activities in the Adriatic Dolphin Project and understand the importance of marine conservation. We also host a number of educational program in our Lošinj Marine Education Center, where visitors can learn about our various research projects and gain a better understanding of the marine environment and the incredible marine life it inhabits. The funding we receive from the Adopt-a-Dolphin program ensures that we can continue organizing regular educational programs which are accessible to local residents, schools, universities and other members of the public.

Blue World Institute
Blue World Institute - Adopt A Dolphin

Who is the most popular dolphin in the Adopt-a-Dolphin program and why?

Nola is a young dolphin we have been following since 2001 and has become the teams’ favorite dolphin over the years because of her friendly and cheerful nature. Nola has a very distinctive falcate-shape fin with two small notches, which makes her easy to spot. Nola is a very sociable dolphin and often spends her time with the other female dolphins, Celina, Jelena and Kiko, who can often be found swimming around the island of Cres and Lošinj. Over the years, our team have developed a bond with Nola and during the summer of 2016, Nola left her newborn calf in the company of our research boat, while she continued to look around for some food. The team were touched that Nola felt comfortable leaving her new baby calf with them, showing how they had formed a trusting bond that came from many years of knowing each other.

What is the difference between the three adoption options?

Our Adopt-a-Dolphin project offers the choice of three different types of adoption packages to choose from; E-adoption, Basic adoption and Junior adoption.

E-Adoption – €30

Those who opt for an E-Adoption will receive a personalized adoption certificate, a year’s free subscription to our annual e-magazine, “Akvquamarin”, and a photo of your chosen dolphin, with information about your new friend!

Find out more about E-Adoptions here.

Basic Adoption – €40

The Basic Adoption package comes with lots of great perks! Aside from receiving your very own adoption certificate in the post, you will also be gifted a photo of your dolphin, a hand-made dolphin magnet, personalized with your dolphin’s name, a beautifully designed bookmark and a yearly subscription to our e-magazine. All basic adoption holders will also receive a membership card, granting the holder free entrance to our Marine Educational Center in Lošinj, Croatia.

Find out more about Basic Adoptions here.

Junior Adoption – €50

Our Junior Package is the perfect gift for children of all ages. After choosing a dolphin to adopt, our team will send you your very own cuddly dolphin toy, a personalized adoption certificate and a photo of your dolphin. Alongside these fantastic gifts, you will also receive hand-made dolphin magnet, subscription to our e-magazine, a Blue World Institute  membership card, a bookmark and leaflets.

Find out more about Junior Adoptions here.

If you are interested in finding out more about the BWI’s Adopt-a-Dolphin program or would like to find out how you can get involved in future projects, visit the Blue World Institute website here.

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