7 Reasons You Should Experience a Dalmatian Small Ship Cruise

Stretching from the island of Rab in the north to the Bay of Kotor in the south, this stretch of magnificent coastline was practically custom made for small ship cruising. The sleek vessels are more like boutique hotels on the water, allowing passengers to travel in comfort, experiencing more of the stunning country of Croatia without having to unpack every night. This, and these seven reasons, are just some of why we think everyone should experience a Dalmatian small ship cruise.

MV Admiral
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With 38 Passengers or Less You’ll Enjoy a More Intimate, Personalized Sail

Book one of these Croatia luxury cruises, and you’ll be sailing on a yacht-like cruiser that accommodates up to just 38 passengers. You won’t be just another “number,” but can expect the crew to get to know you by name. The low crew-to-passenger ratios mean they’ll have time to give each guest more personal, attentive service, providing insider tips and answering questions about the places you’re cruising to, their history and culture. You’ll get to know them well – in fact, they’re likely to become your friends, with the feeling of sailing with family. It’s a nice change from the anonymity of those big ships where you probably won’t see the same people from day-to-day and it would be impossible for the staff to remember your name. 

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Dubrovnik Old town
Kornati, Telascica natural park

You’ll Really Get to Know the Destinations 

Croatia small ship cruises are focused more on the destinations. They don’t have water-parks, casinos, big-screen theaters and the like, so you’ll spend more time off the ship, taking part in land excursions. There are opportunities to venture to exciting inland places like one of the country’s waterfall-filled national parks, dine in authentic restaurants, go wine tasting and perhaps take part in thrilling activities like Jeep tours, zip-line rides or whitewater rafting. There will be plenty of time to explore Dalmatia’s idyllic local beaches, sip wine in an atmospheric café, enjoy shopping unique boutiques, and sightseeing through the historic centers of medieval villages and cities. With bigger boats, most itineraries will only have limited time while in each port.

Go Where the Big Ships Don’t

In addition to enjoying more time on land exploring, you’ll get to discover more enchanting places, including off-the-beaten path islands like the Kornatis, as these smaller vessels are able to access smaller ports, navigate narrow waterways and right into the hearts of medieval cities.

Blue World Institute
On board food

It’s Better for the Environment

Large ship cruise brochures and other advertisements do lots of talk about the pristine environments they sail through, but the reality is, they have a significant negative impact on those crystal-clear waters and the marine life. They’re typically powered by massive diesel engines and emit dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide along with the sewage from thousands of passengers every day. Their countless guests that descend on Dalmatia’s cities like Dubrovnik do little to support the local economy but lead to overcrowding as well as the increased pollution in waste in the Adriatic. The best Croatia cruises that sail in small ships often work toward supporting local communities and fighting over-tourism by opening new routes to bring guests to largely undiscovered islands, villages and cities. For example, Unforgettable Croatia donates 10 percent of its annual profits to the Blue World Institute in Rovinj, a non-profit organization responsible for research and conservation of dolphins and turtles in the Adriatic. All plastic has been removed from its vessels, and the company has implemented a “buy local initiative” for 2020, which means supplies for the ships are purchased locally in each island visit to support those communities.

The Food

Whether you embark on a specifically food-focused cruise or a Croatia honeymoon cruise>, these small ship Dalmatian cruises have talented chefs on-board that buy local ingredients to create dishes that reflect the region’s cuisine. They’re prepared fresh, on the ship, and are typically made with items like market-fresh produce. The itineraries are also designed so that passengers have opportunities to sample the offerings in traditional eateries in port too, enjoying a destination’s signature delicacies and fine local wines for a more authentic travel experience.

Swimming in turquoise water
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Swim in the Adriatic’s Enticing Turquoise Waters Right from the Ship

While the mega cruise ships might have multiple pools, you won’t be able to leap into the enticing clear blue waters of the Adriatic from them. On a small ship cruise, the shallow draft allows them to sail into secluded bays and hidden coves on uninhabited islands those large vessels could never reach. There are swimming platforms with ladders that dip right into the sea, making it easy to access for an unforgettable swim or snorkel surrounded by the spectacular Dalmatian scenery, often without another boat in sight.

More Affordable

Dalmatian small ship cruises come in all styles, including many itineraries that are likely to suit your budget, allowing guests to enjoy affordable style and relaxed comforts. That’s because the design of the vessels naturally means more flexibility and the opportunity to get more creative with itineraries so that everyone can enjoy a cruise of a lifetime in Croatia.

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